Feedback pouring for Dolphin Animal Spirit Reiki course

(new batch on 20th march 2018.please note. if you have already taken the attunment. You may join your family or friends or kids. (u can whatsapp) PLEASE don’t join again if already attuned- as per divine order)

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On the occasion of the 140th Bday of The Mother .21st February 2018

ShivMira Training Center

 (Name inspired and guided by Lord Shiva and The Mother (Mira Alfassa))

By divine permission and guidance we officially launched registration from our site ( for the course of Dolphin Animal Spirit Reiki with attunment for the same.

In less than 24 hrs time -we got more than 100 logs with 80 full confirmed registration of email as well as whatsapp.Gratitude for the Awesome response. People who are very new to healing energies and also who are professional healers and teachers.Blessed be all.Congrats.

Here are some feedback of the attunment. Soon more will be added . 













Just in case you missed the opportunity this time. Please follow our page and site for the announcement of further such free or paid courses and sessions. Blessed be . Be Awesome.

-Beena Rohra



21st Feb 2018 free attunmentΒ 

*ShivMira Training Center*
Wishes to GIFT the attunment for
Dolphin Animal Spirit Reiki

(by Beena Rohra)
Anyone can do it- Free registration till 21st Feb 2018 Indian time  8pm
Kindly fill the form and check email for confirming registration. You get one more email in 2 to 3 minutes -with course detail and whatsapp confirmation link. pls do both for completing the process
*Location of course :- Online for  whatsapp broadcast list registered for the course and email*
-Beena Rohra

ShivRatri special. 13th Feb 2018Β 

(Pls share ,as it is if u wish to)

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ShivRatri is a very very special day.

24 hrs the energies are awesome.

One need to be receptive to tap in to the cosmic abundance.

Not just wealth but high aspirations and clairvoyant energies too can be enhanced in just one day.

With full faith and dedication

You can do Manas pooja at ur home

In english
Or go to Temple.

(Most preference time by many ppl is night between 2am to 6am)

Chant Maha mrityunjay or MritSanjeevini mantra. 108 or more times.

These mantra can be done by any religion people as the vibration are such. But if one feels it’s not part of their religion. Still one can do any chant on this day or even healing and meditation.

Pray for good health of self and family. 

Do gratitude.

Do abhishek of the shiv lingam or rudraksh you own (esp the one mukhi)

Have simple food. Esp green colour as green is symbol of abundance and fav of lord shiva 

Forgive and bless all.(even self)

Energize your crystals too.

You may play the manas pooja video or the audio by ShivaNanda baba ji

Also my fav chants

Happy Transformation

Lord bless all

-Beena Rohra



Rituals for full moon especially eclipse 31st Jan 2018

​Rituals for 31st Jan 2018

On eclipse I prefer to do only the release rituals
*DO NOT* put the crystals to charge 

(We usually keep them for charging under full moon but I prefer not to do in the eclipse)
U can keep it next day 
*7 by 7 Karma burst and Black Turmolin ritual*



Do only the black candle release ritual.

White is lit for safety

U may Keep rock salt in a bowl to cleanse from morning itself.

(Change or remove it in 24 hrs or release it under tap water after eclipses)
*Smoke cleansing*

Use dhoop or incense sticks (agarbatti) or havan samagri n camphor (kaphoor) to cleanse the energies

(If u wish to. After the eclipse)

Always practical

If u don’t have any of the stuff handy.

Don’t worry.

Just use reiki or imagination

And clean all neg especially from ur mind

Have a happy life and transformation
-Beena Rohra



Life’s Sweet 16 lessons from Parents and Teachers-Divine-and Observation.

​Pranam guys

-Beena From ShivMira
*Wish to share some secrets Without hurting anyone’s sentiments*
Since some days m feeling very good about

1) self

2) my parents

3) my first reiki teacher and her husband
I learnt some new course online and inperson recently and we had some discussion bout some modalities and methods by few ppl.(not my first teachers but new ppl)

(M not happy or proud of only that but…)
I was reluctant to learn it cause of some very bad experience of some ppl – similar to the courses (the person who gave the experience used half knowledge or deliberate mistake- really not all ppl can practice what is said)
So coming to the point. 🌷

After my parents I consider 

My first reiki teacher (Mrs Ganga) and her husband (Mr Eswaran)

As my second mom dad.


They have taught me some things
1)Some things u need to learn for self and some for others BUT while learning go as a new student.

2) never compare previous knowledge on own so it’s easy to grap new

3) take only what you wish to. Leave the rest.

4)spread knowledge.

Sharing is caring. 
Since 1998 am doing many courses (learn and teach)

Believe me it’s not easy to follow the 4 main points.
Apart from the practice of the 4 points-there are some stuff I learnt from divine.(which were more hard for me initially)
5)Never feel you are above anyone level wise or that xyz is at a lower level to u.

(I never did that anytime)
6) never ever feel that you are at a low level than anyone else or that they know more than you.

(some or most time I felt this as I thought if I didn’t feel that Others know more; how will I learn more. But realised many ppl felt I m dumb and tried to take advantage and kind of insult)
7) feel proud of self and all equally even if it’s a fact that u r blessed more than anyone else.

(rarely but divine asks to show this to shut some trolls down. Honour the gut and rise your pride for sometime )
8) observe all and learn from not only others experience but their doing too. more than what ‘to do’ you will know what ‘not to do’.

Even this is a main lesson in life and practice that too.
9)never be guilty of what ever has happened to you or by you.

this helps to be more aware and be present in present.

(n there is no bigger present than this even money wise)
10) Master to forgive quickly but never forget the circumstances as it’s natural for others to try and recreate the experience as they enjoy being sick or create uneasiness in others. As soon the similar circumstances notes. Ground n shield n heal self such that nothing affects u in any way.

🌷Secrets I realised  

after the courses learnt recently and the discussion.

I m more happy cause

I come to the points that
πŸ˜‡ All modality teach same or similar but power wise may be high or equivalent depending on your knowledge and practice. Just learning doenst matter until you use it too.
πŸ˜‡ Even tough the modalities are best. NOT ALL ppl have the art or tact to teach. 
πŸ˜‡ To teach new we have two option. 

1- highlight what the new stuff does. (very very difficult)

2- Compare and try to convince that rest all kind of shit.

(very very easy.power of public speaking helps a lot here)
πŸ˜‡ In the discussion we came on the topic of feedback. 

most ppl know that I get less direct feedback on my page and the indirect too I post only 10% and without name.

(It’s ok for me  cause i know mentality of many many ppl

who take spiritual help.

for many reasons they don’t wish to declare (can be cause of society or relatives pressure or interference in life) So I hv learnt to let go. When destined ppl will come on own.)

         So we also had a lady who also has very less feedback

The person bluntly said ppl who use her product and won’t give feedback. she won’t sell the product again and then those ppl will suffer more than what they actually did.

This gave me a good shock.

and I really felt proud of my parents and my teacher who have taught me to try to be humble.

being humble is not that u bend down but rise high.
And also practice the Cancel Cancel statement when most neg stuff bout all other stuff been said.
It really needs practice or may be some neg takes a seed in you and you start to emit the neg part.

To summarize

additional to the 10 points

one should
11) Teach only the best part. Hint a bit of neg but with different words.

12) Practice what you preach. And try and inculcate the teaching

13) Let go and bless more.

14) never curse even in your dreams. Only feedback not important.

15) Learn new. But cherish the old too. Use both to enhance power.

16) Value and love  your self and your time too. Cause if you don’t-NO one else will.





Strong Discussion

​A strong discussion happened with some after intro of the Flush Empowerment courses. (As all know at times I hv to be more direct and blunt. Here some strong examples are used)
Person:-Flush is a neg word. Why use it?
Beena:- Actually flush is not neg. Example if one doesn’t flush the loo. It’s gross. But once flushed it’s actually clean. It’s a two way process. Dumb the shit out and fill the commode with clean water.
Person :- So it’s your choice to use it. one can use some other word too.
Beena:- No it’s not my choice. as declared earlier ; like Usui reiki or Karuna Reiki these flush empowerment are crested by a few healers .There are many more reiki or other healing modality. Anyone can learn but to teach one need to be an experienced reiki teacher or other teacher where attunment is taught. So the name is given by the ppl NOT me.
Person:- You said to with the course all neg gets flush off. But I read in a famous healing book- One should embrace the wrong or not needed to heal. 
Beena:- (in my mind I said Dude it’s half knowledge)

Ok let’s first leave the new modality side. 

let’s take your sentence.

(as it’s yet not knowledge-forget it turning to wisdom)
embrace or accept what not needed.


let’s say the unwanted non digested stuff by ur body (still part of u) let’s accept it. So dnt let it go.Do mool bhand (all parts around Root Chakra closed tight with pressure) . Hold on to that (shit)

don’t let it do. 

now max what will happen. 

in some time ur stomach starts to release gases. These rise up to all parts.To heart and brain too and whole body starts getting some uneasiness and this leads to short or long term disease.
it’s best to just let go

and FLUSH off.
similar goes with the higher bodies -the mind -emotions- chakra-meridian etc.
Person:- So I should learn all these 
Beena:- NO. Learn only if your gut says. And only if you value and respect it. And only if you will actually practice it.
Person:- I checked some fees of these course. Your fees is less. And offers too. Good way to lure people.
Beena:- I don’t ask anyone to learn. some of my students wish to learn from me. So I dowse and decide the fees.

And with due respect. I take students to teach not just sell a course like you go and buy some item from a mall. or online window shopping.

It’s divine destination of a student n teacher pair. 
I am always proud of my students

and am honoured to have the most great teachers in the world.
(PS:- Just in case anyone got hurt by the harsh words as example. Hoponopo)
Happy Transformation

Happy Flush


-Beena Rohra


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Beena Rohra

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