It takes a life time to build trust.
But just a second to break it.
Once broken.
You apply any kind of adhesive.
It will never ever be the same.
Its rightly said.
A two inch tongue is responsible
If a man sits on the Throne or a Stone.
Its very easy to talk goody goody.
Real test is When you know.
That the person in front Hates you for no reason
Still you have to have a smile and talk polite.
Not just in words.
But in deeds too.
Still you pray.
That god be with them.


Hearing sense

Zindagi do pal ki hai.
Jeena mast hoke.
Parayo ke pantaree bade hote hai.
Zeher gholne ke.
Prabu ke naam kaa amrit
Tu sadha paas rakhna.
Galat logo ki salaha par
Kaan hamesha daknaa.


The Hard Days

You are strong.
Very very strong.
But there are few days. Which you feel, you cannot face.
The days ; which should never ever have existed in the first place.
You feel drained on these days.
Completely washed off.
Seems like you climbed 9999 steps and suddenly you are on the first step again.

You are still strong.
These very days are the proof of what you went through.
You are the one who has faced this very day WITH full courage.
Gone through the pain. The hurt. The anger. And what not.
That very day was like a big fire. And you been a piece of coal, turned into a diamond.

Of yourself, to have faced what had happened.
Be proud. As no one else in the whole world can or will ever go through it.
Not even you, ever again.

Do u relive the negative experience.
Feel that it was just a part of growing up.

Believe me!
It is possible.
There are many ways to do it.

Atleast use one.
And not just once
But 21 days.

Be it affirmations.
And many more.

Stick to one.
And feel the transformation.

And yes. Its very very true.
The one are against you.
Get burnt up in anger and loose everything.

_______________________________(Beena )
27th Oct 2014



Surprise surprise 20-20.

Finally its time to open up the surprise.

I Did Angel Oracle and Tarot Reading for self.
Am speechless.
Full of bliss and gratitude to the angels.
For their guidance.
Really wonderful.

You too can feel the power of the angels around u.
They are here for us.
We just need to call for them.

“From 15 Oct 2014 to 20 Oct 2014
Time 11:30 am to 8pm
First 20 people get free reading for ONE question.
All you have to do is.
Step1: Like and comment [ “email send”] on THIS post at
Do not write your question here.
All respect their privacy.

Step2: Send a mail with these details to
Details— (if asking for family member or friend , send their detail too)
a). Full Name
b).Full Birth date
c).Current picture (for better reading) not compulsory
d).Location (present town or place u r now)
e).Your question.( only one and precise)

Sample questions.
Eg1. Not happy with my job. Need to know bout my life purpose.
2. Having chronic back ache . Will it be solved?
3. Confusion in choice of job. The options in mind are of few jobs
4. Family member sick with so n so prob. What do angels say.

May Angels bless all”


Get out of neg feeling in a JIFFY.


When you are stuck up in a situation. Where no one listens to your side of coin. You get only shouting. And cannot answer back. Though everyone knows, you are RIGHT.

Be strong.
Very very strong.
Never let the neg words sink your mind.
Never give right to mind to get depressed.

Remember the days when you saw TOM & JERRY.
Just imagine the person shouting, is Tom. And you are Jerry.
Can you even think of, what shift of energy n mood u wld get then?.

Smiling naa??

Just imagine that u r standing in house of MIRRORS.
And the person transforms to a very very funny face. And shouting in cartoon voice.

I bet you actually are ROFL.


Dussehara Transformation using EFT

Its really easier ” DONE than Said.”

U read it right.
“Done than Said.”

Rather than “Said than Done”

All are just Saying.
On today’s day.
Kill the Ten vices in you.
And have victory by adding the opposite.

BUT  will u be able to do it?
Only by Saying ???????

Rather DO it.
Sit for meditation.
Sit down with a paper and pen.
Jot down what u want to delete from life.

And what you wish to add to life.

Believe me. 75% work is done, just by jotting it.
And if you fear. That other may read it and take advantage.

Oh please. Write it in scribble.
Or code.

And rest  25%???
Use imagination combined with meditation.
A fool proof way. EFT.

Transform your self today.

—- Beena Rohra
Reiki Master – Angel card reader – and Other healing and meditation techniques specialist @
ShivMira Alternate Healing and Meditation Center.