Request. For members for distance reiki(from 20-12-2014)

Since many of the members are out on vacation. All hv requested to renew the distance healing session every 15 days.
So next share of measurements and pic. Only for already members is
3rds of jan.
Pls take the measurements on 3rd. Morning. And send again.

Happy transformation.

And since I am not able to post any pics on WordPress.
Pls follow the simple tips on



Exercise- 8-shaped walk.
You can do it at home too (if u have that much open area)
Read the benefits.
And believe me, its really miracle. You can feel the power of this walk in two min. Both your nostrils get fully open and functional.(Usually one nostril is working at a given time, then the other).
Happy Transformation

22-12-2014.-Symptoms seen by members for the free reiki distance healing session.

Symptoms felt in three days of distance healing is different for different people.
Some feeling good.
Some feeling sad.
Some feeling light.
Some having body flush going on.
Do not panic if u hv fever too.
All these even as problems.
Would be different Than Usual IF its because of REIKI.
the energy of your body  will not be lost, even if u have motions 5 times a day.
READ further to know Reason.

Have u heard the story. Where a small monk goes to the big one to get a golden brick from him. There was dark(as night time) and the small monk stood in line. As soon as the big monk kept the golden brick on his hand. It tripped off. The big monk collected it back and once again kept it on the small monk’s hand. The big was smiling throughout the process.
  This goes on till morning. And as soon as the sunlight comes. The small monk realises that his hand is filled with stones. Then the big monk explains. “To collect the gold, you have to let go of the stone”.
This is exact situation in our life.
The gold represents POSITIVENESS
The stones represent all negative or heavy emotions.
Anger,frustration,stress,guilt,fear. Etc.
All these are not just emotions. Particular emotion has particular place in our body. It gets stored. Either in form of pain or as fat.
To know which emotion is stored on which part of your body.
(Especially chest-stomach-hips and thighs.)
By Louise Hay. She has collected this data from many many spiritual links. And this is also used as reference for alternate healing.





(The above info is from the book:- You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.Page no:-169,157,160,189. Column 1 is problem. Col-2 is reason. Col-3 is solution or Affirmation for it. Please read full book for more details.)

So increased weight on some areas more is all because of the above explanation.
And we r not just bones, muscles, blood, body, mind & soul. There is an invisible path of the cosmic energy flow through the body.
Called the Chakra System.

You dont need to know it fully to clear the blocks.(those unwanted or difficult to handle emotions)
Just see this short description of ACTUALLY what energy flow is-click this link.

REIKI helps to deal with the emotions to cure the problem associated with the organ or situation.
But it first has to clear the blocks in the way, to reach that part.

The small small things shared daily are actually meant to clear the way.
So reiki energy can reach the organ and convert the extra fats into energy used for body or flush out of body. Please drink more water to help this process.

21-12-2014 Things to do.

Day 2.
(Add this to the already doing daily list)

Every time you go to the loo. (Yes u read it right LOO=Toilet)
Do this
1). Press your CHIN with your thumb. Pressure should be similar to what we give to the pen or pencil while writing.
(Image from Google)

2). Tap your cheeks.


(Image from Google)

Benefit:- This helps heal your stomach (any problem)
Especially GAS and CONSTIPATION. Chronic constipation too gets healed with this.
Headache or other body pain related to Gas too goes OFF within 3 min. You either get a fart or a burp.
(Gas in other parts of body? When extra gas is produced in stomach and the digestive system is blocked for any reason; this gas goes up into the spine nerves and then stuck to any nerve. And the organ related to that nerve starts paining .USUALLY its the head or back or chest )

—People who struggle for an hour in the loo. Get the job done in less than ten min.—

Just imagine what all things you can do with the 50 min saved.

Happy Transformation.
(Images from Google)

Proof with ref to the diet sys

No spiritual leader.
No guru.
No teacher.
No satsang.
No lecture.
No class.
Not even God.
Can motivate u.


You yourself become your OWN guru(teacher).

We all havev HEARD many good things.
But you LISTEN only those; which your mind (Subconscious) /Brain (Reasoning or miracle believer)  says yes.

We need proof for all things.
So here is the proof of the diet timings I told .
It is dated 1862-63. Journey of transformation of a man.
He helped many others too to transform.
Letter on Corpulence (Obesity)  – William Banting’s Low Carb Diet (Circa 1864)

You can read this here. (Click the link in Blue)

Welcome onboard towards transformation. Wtloss

75 days journey towards TRANSFORMATION starts today.
Welcome all.

No one likes to loose.
But all like to win.
Here we all will
The extra fat on our body.

Have you all wondered
1.)WHY we actually store the fats?
2.)Even tough quantity of food intake and frequency of eating is actually less than the skinny friends and family members, they dnt get fat. But we gain weight faster.?
3.) Sometimes the skinny too gain weight. But loose it too quickly. Why cant we do it?
4.)We are always cautious while eating. And always wonder. What will people think.
5.) In stress we eat more than usual. And then feel guilty.

The answers to this u must hv heard. But hear it again in few hrs.
Till then. Pls follow all posts.

Reiki energy is doing its work. But to use this fully. U hv to do a few things.
Few small things. Which will take a few seconds to few minutes.
But u hv to do them daily for these 75 days.
Every single day.

Day one of 75 days transformation. 20-12-2014

Day 1- Exercise 1.
This is very very simple. Yet very difficult for many people. For the first week.
All you have to do is.
Before u sleep and as soon as you wake up.
Look into a mirror.
Eye to eye.
Smile and say
“Even though i have some problems. I LOVE & ACCEPT MYSELF COMPLETELY”

Do tell me your feelings
Via email or on Whatsapp.
Happy Transformation.
Lots of reiki and angel blessings to all.