11-01-2015. My In a jiffy Transcendental-Realisation.

हुण समज आयी.
How do u feel , when SUDDENLY you actually realise SOMETHING ; which you heard many times -in many ways.?

Am feeling the same. As if a Transcendental truth realised. And that too in a jiffy. But all the while this was near by.

I was discussing with someone, bout emotion store. We had this feel , that all our life, we all say,”I have never done any wrong with anyone even in MY dreams. Then WHY Me?”
And if we didn’t have any neg thought too. Then why all neg or wrong is happening with us?

—- Somewhere the discussion was incomplete. That probably we must have done it in previous birth or so. Then again a confusion. WHO has seen previous or next birth?.

So lets do forgiveness and unburden self. But then one more confusion. What should be done to further stop this accumulation? We all know SUBCONSCIOUS doesnt know No or not wrds. So we hv to be positive n get the ans soon.

Thinking . thinking.
I came back home.
And opened Facebook.
The very first quote i read on someone’s wall was,
” Rule of subconscious- the subconscious mind cannot recognise the word YOU. It becomes “i” for it.”

I said to myself. 99.5% people in the world never go n abuse anyone just like that-
eg—words or thoughts.” You are a cunning person”.
super-conscious mind- ” I am a cunning person.”

But we all usually share our feeling to a third person. Saying XYZ person is like this or that.

” For the Super- conscious mind.- There exists NO SECOND PERSON or THING . There exists only SINGLE SELF.”
Like- 1).The water is inside the fish. And fish is inside water.
2). We see the dream. We are in the dream
3). Mind is in US. We are in the MIND.
And many more things.

So what ever we talk.
What ever we think.
Positive or negative.
Be it for a person.
For a thing
For a animal
Or place.


Happy transformation

7-1-2015 Angel or Tinker Bell Fairy meditation.

Angel or Tinker Bell Fairy meditation.
For health , wealth, peace, prosperity and good relations with anyone.
First Easy powerful and fastest results.
Will share what i got using this in comments.

( Read Full. Understand. then do it. Do not do while Driving or any other work which requires full attention.
Start with Step 1-8 First . Then do others when time permits.
You can also record this in own voice. And hear like other guided meditations)
[For miracle Healing. This mediation should be done for three days. And do not do this before sleeping. Its observed. That by the time you imagine the fairy at sleep time. you just go to deeeeepppp sleep. So to get sleep. you can try)
Step 1- ALPHA (Shared earlier) ( Also in comments)
What ever you do in alpha it goes in universe. You get what you ask for; fastest if asked in alpha. So watch your words. In whole day atleast twice you automatically go in alpha for few seconds. And at that time your wish is always granted. So is the reason all elders use to say watch your words. Lords says GRATED.
{{{{ ALPHA.


First I will share my fav and easiest way of reaching Alpha.
(Warning. All meditations are to be JUST READ first-Understand & then start doing.)
1). Close your eyes.And concentrate on Third eye chakra. Between the eye brows. from inside the eye.
2). Take deep breaths.
(Deep Breath = Breathing in from nose. It reaches and fills stomach and it expands. Then it reaches and fills lungs.
While breath out. first lungs contract and then stomach. )
3).Call upon your guiding angels and guru. Take their names. and say. “I am going to enter Alpha ,As the numbers are written backwards -my mind enters deep into subconscious state. and do meditation for 15 min. If i forget. please wake me up and get me to normal state ”
4). Imagine A white coloured board on the wall.
5).Imagine that With colourful markers  25  is written on it.
6). this gets erased and 24 is written.
7). process continues till 1.
8)Now you are completely relaxed.
9). this board now opens like a door.And behind it is a big and beautiful garden. Full of flowers and trees.
10). Go and sit there. And DO YOUR MEDITATION.

END. As soon as meditation is over.You come back from the door. Close it.
you count  1-2-3-4-5. Rub your hands and keep it cupped on eyes. Slowly open eyes. and remove hands.

By daily practice. The count required reduces. Say From 25 , you start at 10. then at 5. and when mastered.
you can reach there. by just concentrating on 3rd eye.

Only doing alpha too is bliss. just Staying in the garden is transforming.}}}}

Step 2- In the Garden imagine All your Teachers, gurus, and Gods on the right side. You can imagine any nice Place which u always wanted to have for your prayer room.
Step 3- Take their blessings. And ask permission for Doing Fairy Meditation.
Step 4- Move ahead in the garden. You see a waterfall of white water. Or milk. This is magical. Heals. And it gets absorbed in the body.
Have a two min bath here. See self, energetic.
Step 5- Go more ahead in this garden . Here you have grass. Reaching your Thighs.
Step 6-  Imagine A Statue popping out from the grass. like someone sleeping gets up straight – Zoom.
      This is your statute. If you cant imagine details. Dont worry. A Blurred image also will do. Or just a realisation that its you.
Each and every organ , bone, and emotion in the statue has a special FAIRY or Angel working for you( Like a Mechanic Or Engineer )
Step 7- See only one fairy at a time. Else u will be confused.
Step 8- Call the fairy of the part where you need some addition or deletion. Eg:- Backbone.
And Have a talk with the fairy. Tell it.
” I thank You for all the work you have been doing , since so many years. I know because of emotions stuck ; we need to work more. I request you to please remove the stuck up and buried deep emotions . And heal them. I know you can do it. To help you heal. I give you this golden dust. ( Imagine you giving the fairy a bag of golden dust. Which Tinker Bell fairy use for flying. Pixcy dust).
This golden dust has all my faith. All the belief . All my Gurus’ and Gods’ Blessings. And healing power of the universe. This is energised with Mantra.
‘ Sorry-Forgive-Love-Thanks- Divine’.
Please start the work right now.
(The fairy turns to go back in the statue).
[You remind It]
I may not watch you. But i trust you. You will continue this work. Even after i leave. Thank You.”
(Make the statue sleep and Go to step 14. And end)

Step 9- Now call other part Fairy if needed. And repeat whole step8 For each Fairy.

Step10-.Let the statue sleep back. (Go to step 14. And end)
Step 11- Imagine other statue getting up.
this may be of a relative. friend or someone else; whom you are not able to forgive.
( This is very powerful meditation. Never use it to manipulate others. You will Have to refund thousand folds of what you do-  Eg:- Dont use to manipulate judge to change verdict; when you know its wrong.)
Your subconscious will guide you.

Imagine the fairy of the person’s mind. Call it to you.
Repeat step 8. But add this paragraph
” Lets Release all grudges. Lets balance all karmic issues. Lets start fresh. Lets fill our hearts with infinite Love.
We are FILLED and THRILLED with the power of love”.
complete whole step 8.
(You can heal your relations with others with this)

Step 12- Let the statue sleep.
Step 13- You can imagine two or more statues getting up.
If its a big family and all hv grudges. You hv to imagine self and others statutes at one time. Call each Fairy. give each a Bag. And ask to heal relations.
Repeat Step8 And Step11. Make all sleep in end.

Step14- Return back to your gurus. Take blessings.
Step 15- Return back from Trance or Alpha.
(Shared earlier.)

Happy Transformation.