Scientific Prayer. 21 march 2015

Scientific Prayer:-
Explained with simple examples
by Beena Rohra.
We all learnt in science.
When an experiment is done.
Each time.
we have same or bigger apparatus.
same or bigger quantity of ingredients.
same or bigger time.
but the RESULT of the procedure is same.
(Provided that the atmosphere is CONTROLLED)
Eg:- Experiment to convert water into ice.
Apparatus :- refrigerator, ice tray.
ingredients:- clean water.
time :- 4 hrs.
Result:- water is converted to ice.
(Controlled atmosphere:- Refrigerator wire connected to socket and its Put On and electricity is flowing continuously for the 4 hrs. And the door is closed;after the filled try is put in the freezer.)
Similarly GOD has created a GOAL fulfillment Apparatus.
-Say It has 100 floors above ground
and 100 floors below ground.
-All prayers enter from Ground level.
(we cant see it. but its there. for all humans or to say-for all souls)
-Each soul has its own Column.
but All is arranged in a table form.
Internally There is access to each column.
means one can access others wish too. So there are watchman on each node for each soul. Who hv to watch that others BAD wish is kept away from entering in.
-The results out- Should be FULFILLED & that too 1000 folds.
///But that RARELY happens ///
Few are discarded too.
Because God is not the one who is doing this.
As we all know. God never makes mistakes.
God has created this machine for each and every soul.
You believe or not in God.
this Machine works 24 by 7 .
Like this:-
In the machine.
Your wish goes in.
Ground Level.
There are a few rules.
1).Whole wish goes In form of SINGLE words.
2). Negating words are not allowed.
So the watch men on the Divine door. Stops them.
(example- No. not. wont. dont. etc)
So if ur wish is **
“I dont want to be sad.”
–This goes in as
” I want to be sad”
(removed the dont word).
its always fulfilled. 1000 folds.
3).There is ONLY single SELF (i) in the universe.(This will explain you what and why karma are.)
Means. There is no
there is ONLY i.
eg:- If one person wishes.
XYZ goes to hell and be sick.
(here there are no negating words)
So the wishes goes in.
” i goes to hell and be sick”
SO BE IT 1000 folds.
4). Along with the words. We have a secret bag. A golden bag with each wish.
these are not words. but frequencies or vibrations.
Each has different floor.
And each wish shifts to the floor of the frequency attached.
All good emotions have above ground floors.
And bad or heavy emotions have below ground floors.
And Each emotion transforms the words of the prayers INSIDE the machine and multiply the result more 10,000 folds.
Wish:- Grant Me 200 Grants (200000) money.
Emotion- Are you worth it?.
Conversion:- Worthless.
Result -Discard.
5). There is fixed notions of TIME.
few things are not mentioned in the database of the machine.
near future.
next time.
One needs to specify EXACT time.
eg- 1.
wish- I want to be Corepati soon.
process-Confusion with ‘Soon’ word.
result- Discard
eg- 2
wish- I will be Corepati from 12thJuly 2020.
(or the abundance cheques)
process- Cosmic shifts everything and person in life. moves the wisher. creates opportunity. shows ways.
6). We can wish for others only when the emotions are of high frequency.
Detachment being highest.
then Belief
Eg- Xyz person living ABC location is healthy wealthy fit and fine.
(emotions- detachment- cosmic is doer. we r just channel)
result- What is best for the Xyz person is done.
7- Ready ness.Cosmic checks if u r ready for the wish being fulfilled.
then only it happens
Eg- I wish to see God.
Cosmic check- NOT ready.
result- Sees angels in form of good ppl.
Happy transformation.
Use it With Rules.
The wish is always fulfilled.

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