Get #FLAT #TUMMY in a month or two. Using this method.

I always envy the ladies having flat tummy. Even after two or three kids.

Used to wonder how!.

Finally i got the secret.
Anyone can have their tummy flat in a month or two.

All u need is.
1). Cold season.(in India its rainy and winter usually- As some places there may not be cold in rainy season)

2). Alum(फिटकी , फिटकरी)

3).Hot water.

4).Some help from a family member.

1).Take little Alum.
If u crush it, then about three to four table spoon. Add it in a bowl of water. Boil it.
2). Add this water in the hot bucket in ur bathroom.
(Should be hot. Means more than luke warm. But u should be able to bear it. If its too hot. Add little cold water)
3). Call your family member or other person for help.
Lie down. Or sit slant (on a stool or chair). Expose your Belly button. (नाबी)
4).Ask the person to pour the water using a mug or jar slowly IN your belly button from a height of two or three feet. Till the bucket is over. And ask to leave.
5). Change your dress after patting dry.
6).Have bath after 20 min.

Do it daily.
And transform self.

#Warning initial week u may get loose motion for one or two times. Within few hrs. So chill as its like detox. Dont worry.


Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin.—
Intro &Mantra collection by Beena Rohra.

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****** who is kuanyin*****

A)namo guan shin yin pu saa.
Mantra of Kuanyin.

B).meaning of the 33 mantra of kuanyin

C-1)How to choose anyone mantra of Kuanyin for chanting

C-2)complete playlist.

D).kuan yin Miracle mantra 33 days chant


F).Stories Of Kuanyin.

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