Forgiveness Technique With Hoponopo

Favourite healing technique By Beena Rohra

Forgiveness means u cut the chords which no longer serve your life purpose But is sucking up your energy .

Do u remember Last time u got hurt by someone?
what happens if the name of the person is taken in front of u?or that person comes in front of u?
U feel all.what u felt. even 10 yrs ago.

Now do u remember when ur last tooth broke? or fell?
u do.

but do u feel the pain?

Like u remember that in childhood your teeth broke n fell. but you dont feel he pain. Forgiveness technique let u Remember the history of your life BUT the pain n emotion of the situation is deleted
Take a paper. Make two column.
One Name and other Reason.
Name of ppl who had hurt u. Or u hurt them. Start with who hurt u.

In name scribble  like jalebi jalebi (if u fear anyone may read it)

In reason. In short what happened.
But say fully in mind. (Dont imagine the scene)

Do this from today to childhood what u remember.
Initially u may feel u may write only 4/5 but it goes to 20/30.

So do gradually.
Say today u did for 30. Tomorrow next.

Next write names whom u hurt.
U may say i never hurt anyone.

But eg- u asked ur mom to buy something in childhood. She may not tell her budget to u. But may say the thing is useless. N u started shouting that she is not good others hv the thing etc. So indirectly u hurt her

Or u were in class and u looked beautiful. Or studied smartly. So some students mom n dad compared u. N u never knew. So u write who so.ever got hurt for.any reason.

Now write this paragraph.

“What ever happened. Had to happen
Neither u were responsible nor i.
There was a lesson hidden by god in the situation.
Which because of anger and ego or hurt. Neither u learnt nor i.

I now chose to forgive u.
Please forgive me too.
I am sorry

tear the page or burn it.

sit in a quiet place.
close eyes and do deep breathing for 2 min. or 5/6 times.
count from 30to 1. slowly.

now imagine u r sitting with ur Guru or spiritual mentor. or r in a temple. or church . or mosque etc. if u dnt believe in all these forms. imagine u r sitting in ur fav place or garden.

with the permission of the Divine energy. call each person. whose name u wrote. or the strangers who must hv hurt u on road or any part of life.

make them stand in rows n cloums. like we sit in school or a uniform form.

imagine u taking many forms. n standing face to face with all.
ask for forgiveness n declare that u forgive all.

let the ppl who no longer serve in ur life-Go . see they wave n go smilingly.

to those who r still part of life or will help in the journey of life. Hug them and say. that the relationship will be more friendly understanding and loving from now. each will respect one another more from now. giving full freedom to each.

thank you.

see them leave.
combine ur multiple forms into one again.

thank your lord. count from 1to5 and slowly open ur eyes.