Introduction to Bach Flower Therapy.

Out of the many alternate  healing  techniques I have learnt in the past 15 yrs. This is one of the fastest and visible change techniques.

If one has fever. Any Doc will give medicine to cure the fever. Treat the disease and get relief.

BUT in BACH Flower we ask WHY this fever.

Some get fever because of FEAR
Some get fever because of SHOCK
Some get fever because of TENSION
Some get fever because of UNCERTAINTY
Some get fever because of PHYSICAL strain.

Just treat the WHY part. With a few drops of related Flower essence out of only 38. OR JUST CHANTING the COMBINATION of FLOWER NAMES.
And your work is done. Treat the REASON and the disease vanishes. Or a new habit increases .

So ppl have REASON for not STUDYING.
Reason for getting PROMOTION
Reason for DE-ADDICTION.
Reason for SPIRITUAL growth.

So come learn this GIFT given by Dr. Bach.
(i feel this was his life purpose- completed)

Happy learning.
God bless.

Beena Rohra.

Use of Gayatri mantra To increase natural healing flow.

Gayatri mantra’s powers are known by one n all.

My friend shared this method with us. To increase the natural healing energy.
(If you are not a healer. Then i would recommend that u try this method in normal way for one month. (108 repetition for one month ) Before trying the power sequence.) If you do meditations or are used to chanting then you may skip this step and start the power sequence. 

The healing energy in all methods comes mostly from sun. As its the center of ur cosmic.
So we use this along with the mantra.

(Power Sequence) Method:-
Step 1). Take a book or note this somewhere. Make a table.
Of days and mantra jaap. Tick near the times of jaap.(a table from date 1 of any month given as sample in end) 

Step 2). We do this for odd numbers. Like one jaap for one day. 3 jaap for 3 continuous days. 5 jaap for 5 days. 7 for 7 days. 9 jaap for 9 days. 11 jaap uncountable days.
(Sample is give in end Table number one)

Once u stop…
Again start from day one.

(Beena’s NOTE:-if you are already into high healing and can handle extra energies then you can follow Table number two. 

Step3). Early morning (anytime before 11am)
Stand in sun.
Balcony or just near window.
Do namaskar. Hold ur hands in cup shaped palm facing the sky.
Chant the gayatri mantra.(preferable in normal voice )
And do namaskar.( for 1by 1 to  9*9 jaap days)

From day 11.after chanting 11times  POUR the energy collected as if giving water to sun god.
(Warning  when this energy hits the ground and touches ur legs. They burn.)
So be careful.

And use this energy for healing
Meaning that start ur daily healing sessions of self n others. Or store it in reiki bank.

End with namaskar. 


Eg. TABLE – 1
Date (D) -Jaap(J) -No. Of days(Nth )
2-3-1st day
3-3-2nd day
4-3-3rd day
5-5-1st day
6-5-2nd day
7-5-3rd day
8-5-4th day
9-5-5th day
10-7-1st day
11-7-2nd day
12-7-3rd day
13-7-4th day
14-7-5th day
15-7-6th day
16-7-7th day
17-9-1st day

25-9-9th day

26-11-1st day. pour from this day.

rest all 11 times

Eg. TABLE – 2
Date (D) -Jaap(J) -No. Of days(Nth ) two days one odd count jaap till 9jaap then daily 11

1-1-1st day 

2-1-2nd day

3-3-1st day 

4-3-2nd day

5-5-1st day

6-5-2nd day

7-7-1st day 

8-7-2nd day

9-9-1st day 

10-9-2nd day

11-11-1st day start to POUR from today 

12 date onwards follow day 11 daily. 
If u stop for any reason. For more than a week. Start from day 1 again


Why is shielding required while chanting Mantra or decree or any positive affirmation too.

Why should we shield self before doing any chanting.

Many ppl have experienced seeing black n dark clouds approaching house while doing powerful chanting.

This could make any normal person afraid and stop the chant for ever.

But pls recall your childhood geography class.

When an island is under low airpressure. The air surrounding it rushes to balance. But not all direction air knows that which will go. So  all side go taking water too along
and there is a flood on the island.

Nature needs balance in every way. U r creating a very positive vibe. So neg around is attracted like magnet to get balance.

Hence cover self.

To heal the neg  u may direct energy to mother earth or nature.

Happy chanting

Empty Your Well frequently – to avoid it turning into a volcano.

My  guru (inner conscious) has explained in a very simple way.


What we put. Will come out.
To fill in only spiritual or positive stuff. U hv to first empty the well. Or it(the unwanted emotion or vibe which is to be healed) just rises above like the layer of oil rises when water is filled slowly in a vessel.

When u pour the nectar of divine energy thr healing or MANTRA (Divine water)- the buried emotion rises like the oil.

So just release and empty it.
If u shake- (refuse to let go of the emotion)the well shakes and the divine water is spilled in the process.

So just be still. Let it (release- .may be painful as u may feel u r re-living the incident )

And human is not sad because of any sadness. But HAPPINESS a human mind keeps comparing to the happy time it had in past and tries to push U to just recreate the same happiness. Hence one gets sad cause u r continuously been reminded of what u have just missed.