CHOCOLATE and COFFEE BEANS can help manifest faster.

Most ppl will be shocked. But this navratra try it.

Offer CHOCOLATE or COFFEE BEANS to the goddess and ur wishes wil be granted fastest.

Many people have guilt and some dirty feeling regarding money or abundance. That ppl who hv more money are bad. And hv wrong habits or addiction.

But its only people who are abundant- that anyone knows them. Or talks of them.

And 100% spiritual people too are most abundant in life.

Actually before or while rising high spiritually. Abundance was the first step.
Cause until one is assured that his or house is full. And the family will be happy. The person only asks wishes from the lord. GRATITUDE comes only when u HAVE EVERYTHING.

-Beena Rohra.

(You can read more by Dr. Pillai. Revolution in field of quick manifestation)