November Courses. नवंमबर कोर्सिस

November  Courses. (Online via Email and whatsapp)
Learn and teach others later.

नवम्बर में कोर्स. (अपने घर से. ई-मेल और वॉट्स-ऐप)

1). 9 Planet (nav graha) healing- one day
Other details in PIC.
नव गृह हीलिंग

2). Bach flower. 15 days.
Other details in PICS

(Course i learnt -30 pages.

Course after more research and collection.
245 slides.
51 audios.

Good books to read. And refer for Bach combos- EFT and other methods where Bach info can be used.
             6 & more.

Happy learning

Beena Rohra
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