Abundance Blessing.

I learnt a few things for Abundance.
I would like to share with all

Most people usually do donations.

In this way

1). Calculate the monthly fixed budget. Keep that money side. Like bank loans. Gas. Electricity. Etc.
2). Grocery some fixed amt side.
3). Entertainment and clothes shopping.
4). What remains that too is spend on luxury.
(Tips to hotel ppl. Are given as status symbol. That is not donation)
5). Sometimes when going in temple then put something.
6). Now what remains. Goes in small expenses . and in the end. Some donation ..that too with a boast .

Then complain to god. That we donate and do seva. But we hv not got enough returns.
—- result. Next month same as before.

How donations should be.

1). Calculate 10% of income and put in a box.
2). Do your monthly budget.
3). Entertainment -cut and save a little. As its not necessary to see each movie in multiplex
(And this is not a sign of LACK but common sense. Cause now a days every movie comes on small.screen in a short time)
4). Keep donating from the jar. Without counting. Bless each time u do. That who so ever gets the currency is blessed with abundance.No other feeling. Especially neg.
5). Just in case of emergency. You can use the Jar money..Count how much u use. And try to add back. You can keep a diary near it. Where u note how much u used on which day  n when u added back.
6). Its ok that jar has left over money  just keep adding more next month.
(Each family member can use same jar)

Result:- many ppl who have started doing this- without any feeling of guilt or fear that there will be lack.
. Have got great result. Unexpected income increases every month.

Not just money- but promotion. Gifts . sudden appearance of cash on road. Lottery etc.

–Beena Rohra