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Water meditation for Chakras

How can you know which of (or till what ) chakra have been open or the path is clear.

Its very easy -yet need lots of practice to do this exercise .

1). Take a glass of water in left hand. Filled
2). Cover with right hand
3). Draw reiki symbols. And start reiki by invoke
4). Chant dhanvantri or maha mrityunjaya mantra 21 times
5). Sit down in a comfortable place. (Chair or ground) legs either grounded at shoulder length distance or cross padmasan position.
6). Meditate on this water
Drink it sip by sip. Very very slow sips.
7). Feel.the water entering
8). Normal person feels it till throat.
9). Heart chakra opened feels till.chest.
10. Stomach chakra open -feels till diaphragm

11.) Process of kundali open or third eye open. Can feel.the water till belly button.
Direct drop.

12). Slowly u can feel it enter all ur nerves too
(May take some years or a.lifetime)

-Beena Rohra


(PS:- as informed by my spiritual guruji. Those who do meditation too can try this without reiki)