All about Ancestor healing by Dr Pillai(पुर्वजों की हीलिंग) collection of imp links by RB the Great 

All about Ancestor healing by Dr Pillai

(पुर्वजों की हीलिंग)

Some imp links collected by RB the Great
1).How to perform Tarpanam

2).Sacred Offerings for Mahalaya: Tarpanam Rituals to Appease Your Ancestors
3) Dr. Pillai Shares About Soul Genetics, Tarpanam and Mahalaya 
4).Tarpanam Helps Ancestors Part 1 of 2: Blessing Ceremony Helps Your Ancestors Find Peace 
5).Tarpanam Ceremony Part 2 of 2: Give Peace & Love For The Soul: Help Ancestors Cross Over Into Light

6).UNVEIL YOUR DIVINITY: Mohini Shows You How To Perform Tarpanam (Ancestor Offerings)


Karuna Reiki 3rd Oct 2016

ShivMira presents 
@3rd Oct 2016
*Karuna Reiki Workshop*

via Whatsapp 
No of days – 5 plus
Level *Only Student level* – 

prerequisite:- Usui Reiki Level 2

Energy Exchange :- 3501/-
Level *Student + Master*

Prerequisite :- Usui Reiki Master-Teacher.

Energy Exchange :-4601/-
 Intro:- This modality is not a substitute to Usui reiki.

But helps enhance its power
In 2004 i learnt it for the same purpose


as i had a special healing to do. Where i needed more power.

And indeed it increased the power of the flow and also enhanced clairvoyance quality.
*Topics Covered*
Student level.

1). Symbols

2). Uses

3). Combination

4). Attunments

5). Meditation with Symbols (10+ Including Working with Shadow self)

6). My special way of distance healing.

7). Special Sequence of Usui(Second Degree) and Karuna Symbols(Student level) with Sun Power.

*Master Level*

1). More symbols

2). Attunment

3). Meditation

4).Method of passing Attunment.

5). Special Sequence of Usui (all level) and Karuna Symbols(all level) with Sun Power.
If its your Divine calling or destiny to Enroll

Pls contact

Whatsapp +918308686806

Happy Transformation


RB the Great

1st Crescent moon after new moon. Abundance check (cheque) direct print

My friend Rinku Patel’s article on this

New Moon Abundance Checks/Cheques – The Reiki Way

Every new moon. (Day after amavasya )in day time u can write this.

fill name and amt (we usually fill only PAID in FULL) and date

Night time keep this under moon light

Or near a window if u dnt hv direct

Keep a glass of water on it

Covered with something or a bottle of water

The person whose name is written

Should have the water next morning

Later keep in altar . After 3 months some people burn it. Do every Month

i send the old in river instead of burn

Many people have reported abundance in all walks of life.

Some more samples.

this  is made by Mr Divakar from Facebook grp