Kojagiri Pournima Ritual (Full Moon night) Ritual

Last year 26-10-15.

Today 15 Oct 2016
Kojagiri Pournima.

To transform your luck.
Abundance and more

To destroy the blocks in any part of ur life.

Do this today. Before sleeping.

1). Do this in your Balcony or place from where Moon is visible.
Take a flat but edges covered plate (थाली)
Pour some raw (non boiled) or pasteurized milk.

Dip both palms together. Front and back.
Now raise ur hands up. And imagine moon’s reflection on ur palms.
Front side ten min.
Back side ten min.

(Its said that lady-luck blesses via moon angels today; by doing this ritual)

Many ppl can use same milk. Remaining just pour out in balcony. And then pour some water over it.

Wash ur hands later.

2). Make kheer. (Sweetened milk)
Keep this out. Under moon light. Whole night
U may use some high surface like stand or table.
( ask moon hod to bless the kheer. And whosoever will drink it. Will be blessed in all ways and have full immunity and good fitness)
All family members should hv this tomorrow.

(Its said that biggest problem in body. Goes off with this ritual)

3.) Dip your crystals not having any metal attached and malas & ornaments(only if u hv good security) remove from milk n keep under moon light . whole night.
Ask moon god to remove all neg energy. Pour positive n healing power and make them self clearing.

U can  imagine if no access to moon. Or just place near window with intention.

Wash in morning

Happy transformation
(Beena Rohra)


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