Cleaning and Clearing energy at your home or office

Tried n tested method to clean & clear the neg energies from house or room
By Beena Rohra (ShivMira)
Method 1). Draw reiki level 2 sandwich symbol either on all corners (u can imagine too n keep activating) OR in the center of the room and imagine it multiplying and going to all corners 
Intend that reiki pls clear my space from all negativities . negative entities or neg atmosphere

Pls fill with positive energy and breeze full of oxygen

Thank u reiki
Method 2). Dolphin spirit animal reiki (can be done by Reiki level 1 too)

Other dolphin types need special Attunment 
” i call upon dolphins . pls come and help me clear the space of all neg energies.

Please fill with positive energy

Thank u dolphins”

*( have tried this method on two wheeler too in winter. i dnt drive a car yet. so when there is tooooo cold breeze. just call dolphins n ask to cover self in warm energy for 10 min)*

NOT a healer yet. just INTEND. it works 
you actually are able to FEEL the energies 

— REQUEST to those who forward this

pls do so along with my name

as these are my intution methods.

You can use and share as much as you wish

-RB the Great




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