Diwali Rituals.

Most of you all must be doing many of these rituals.
Which click to mind add up this year.
If you know more-and easy. Please share in comments.
Thank you.

As all Know Diwali is festival of Light and Maa Kali is worshipped one day before this.
On this day Goddess Laxmi is worshipped.
All people work for some or other reason. But main return for the work done -along with peace and growth etc is WEALTH

Some people believe if there is healthy. Wealth is not needed. And some believe wealth is only thing needed.

We should have balance and be OPEN for all abundance sent by god for self and welfare of society.

Here are some rituals done on this day. For manifestation of wishes abundantly.

1).Shree Yanta Pooja
2). Kuber Yantra Pooja.
3). Kuber Key Pooja
4). Aishwariyum Rangoli.
5). Aarti- Ganesh, Laxmi, Jagdish(Vishnu) and Ishtadev or Kuldev
6). Mantra Jaap each 11/21 times
*Ek Dantum
*Shree Ganesh
* MahaLaxmi
*9-graha mantra
*MahaMrityunjay mantra
*Shreem Brzee
*Ichaa daayi ganpati mantra
And more
7). Offer Coffee beans and Chocolate which r consumed as prasad later.
8). Taking some coins dipped in milk and placing on eyes(closed) and touching teeth-3 times. (Reminder to soul you should not see only wealth and avoid other things and you cant chew money)
9). Reiki and other healers combine their healing for great manifest of self n family wishes.
10). Karuna Reiki ppl use special symbol for superfast manifest.
11). Secret given by great saints. To do mantra jaap once more at night between 1:15 am to 2:15 am for blessings of all lords.

Thank you
Happy transformation
May you kindle lights with divine light.

-Beena Rohra


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