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New day. New opportunity. Thank you #500notes and #1000notes. I could fold you and tuck in secret pockets in the purse. To use in emergency and safe from being lost. Now that u will be only in the banks. Thank u. Gratitude. And i know for at least 6 months. The new notes wont be folded by anyone. They will be so much more beautiful. So its a big opportunity for the business people. 
1). Those in art. Kindly make bigger envelopes for the new 500 and #2000notes.

2). I wonder what will happen to the black money (even they are 80% real ones naa). Since lots of efforts are made to print them. Can those be converted in Bags. Sari. Clothes. ….just a thought.
RB the Great



Importance of Back Bone and back of the chakras in healing. 

Many people who know me, know my struggle with my leg. Even tough karmic – the journey was difficult.

Only healing didn’t seem enough. 

I did 8 shape walk


Meditation (especially 3 days Fairy meditation for Jakas result)

And Bach and Homeopathy medicine
In the journey i learnt one main thing.

Our back amd back chakra. Most of the times we heal only the front. And much neg or heavy emotions get stored in back. 

So its HIGHLY recommended and MUST to heal back.

And believe me. Only healing back, automatically heals front too.

U may use distance reiki (as most of the ppl are so flexible to do touch heal on back for self)



Or others

Here are some google images for the link of back n our organs

Happy Transformation

RB the Great


Ten claps to know where u hv issues.

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*just think*Who all do u see at the hospital for checkup?
*male female old ppl and children*
Hv u ever seen the third gender at a doc as frequently as the two?

Because of their clapping style. 
Ten claps. In their style. Gives u tremendous pain in those organ points. Where there is issue

Go on try it

(Method:- both palms straight and facing each other. Try n keeo all fingers joint. N clap. All finger tips touching as if prayer position. Force a bit more than normal clap. U get spot pains. See below n u can confirm. Some issues relaed to the spot organs there. NOW along with ur normal medicine. Give Reiki or do yoga for those organs)

-Beena Rohra