Reiki Mini Faery Meditation (Published in ReikiRays too) 

Reiki Mini Faery Meditation
July 24, 2015
Article by Beena Rohra
Disclaimer:  This is a very powerful meditation, for healing of body, mind, soul and relations.

Please use it only for good. Never use it for manipulation. May your higher self guide you more while doing this meditation.
People discuss that a person has one or two or even more guiding angels. I say each and every cell of the whole universe has tiny mini beings; associated for the functioning of the cell.
Let’s call them faeries (dictionary meaning- imaginary small humanlike creatures with supernatural power).
There is a huge system for the working of thesefaeries. Like in an organization we have: – Owner – Trustees – Manager – Associates – Worker etc chains. So is the system of the FAERIES, where there is no chance of error- BUT our thoughts and feelings are responsible for all negative happening.Example: – all beings are born to live in abundance – ones feeling of lack, force the FAERIES to get lack.
It is up to our imagination, how deep or clear we can visualize it. Like we all are the fan of famous Tom & Jerry cartoons. When either of them, is in a fix to decide anything; there appears a white angel with a golden halo- who tells all good things. And also a red angel with hell horns – and tells all bad things. Or like MIB movie, inside the brain some alien is riding a machine but disguised as a human.
So we need to imagine the happy and goodfaery or a small mechanic operating the organ orfeeling; say one for our left-eye, for right-eye, for head, for nose, one for mind, one controlling blood, one controlling anger etc.
But imagine or consider only one organ or feeling at one particular time. When you finish that, you can do other in same meditation. So let’s do the meditation and see the effect.
Method: To have good effect of this meditation, first read it. Decide for what you would like to use. Record it in your voice. Then sit in a quiet place and do it. (It’s observed that, if you do it just before sleeping, you can just call the faery to you. And then you go to deep sleep. And you wake up directly in the morning. But you don’t get to do the further part. So when you do for others too, please do in day time. ) Multiple of three days, for each issue.
Part 1- Trance.
Close eyes and do deep breathing. You have to reach your subconscious level to work with these faeries. My favorite method is backward counting from 100 to 1. You may record this in slow and deep voice.
Part 2- for self.
Step 1)-Imagine that you are looking to your own statue or inner being- same as you are.

Step 2)-See the part which is in trouble, (e.g. – eyes)

Step 3) – Imagine the faery of the eye- 2 faeries left eye and right eye; working on the eyes.

Step 4) – Call the faeries to you, saying, “Hello faeries of the eyes, please come here.”

Step 5) – Imagine they are flying and coming to you.
a) Gratitude:  “Thank you faeries for all the work you have done for my eyes for all these years, this is fantastic.”

b) Change:  “But I need these changes in your working (imagine giving them a paper with instructions – in clear and detail way) deletethe pain and spectacles (or cataract) addproper vision and health.

c) Resource:  give each faery a bag of yellowcolor which is of faith & karma clearance energy (example healing code 3396815) and a bag of golden color which is of reiki energy and all symbols known and say,” Please take this yellow bag, this has mine, my family’s, friends’ , ancestors’, all my guru’s and teachers’ – present as well as not, in this life time- complete faith (in form of violet or golden dust- pixy dust) & if the problem is karmic related, please use the clearance too and this golden bag containing all the Reiki symbols I know (imagine pouring the symbols and Reiki energy in and on the bag). This will help you in doing the requested work (re-mention in short).” Let each faery take her bags. {You may also give healing codes and switchwords and pressure points too)

d) Reminder: as the faeries are about to leave back, remind them: “I am no longer going to stand here to keep an eye on you, but I have complete faith, trust and surrender to the divine and you (faery) that you will start the work right now and do it with full dedication. Thank you.” See that faery goes back.
Step 6) You can repeat step 2 to 5 for other organ or feeling. (Try doing max 4 in one meditation)

Step 7) Finish and come back from trance.
Part 3- for others (single person).
For your family, friends or clients who have asked for healing. Repeat part 2 by visualizing their statue, or calling the faery with name, e.g.:- I call the left eye faery of (Person name and location) you can also use UIA technique here. Do all 7 steps. Except Karmic Clearance but in some rare case your higher self may ask to use that too.

Part 4- for more people in a relation or situation.
Here you call the mind faeries of all and ask for harmony. Also declare that only the divine will be done.

1) Bones: – remove the pain; add strength.

2) Cancer: – delete bad cells; add fighter cells.

3) Fats: – delete fat storing cells; add fat burner means.

4) Throat: – delete the infection; increase the immunity.
1) In 2010 October, I met with an accident. My whole right leg got twisted badly. No fracture. So I was told that muscle pain heals slowly. But it didn’t, later found that the support behind the knee is not there. Complete ALC tear, got operated, in March 2011. Then too couldn’t walk properly and couldn’t bend and squat for around a year or more. In November 2012, while healing, intuition said to try this meditation, (had read similar in mind and subconscious books and also a lady shared in Reiki meeting in 2008) according to what my intuition guided. For three days. And on the fourth, I could do duck walk.

2) Got a healing request, for a girl around 31 years (won’t mention her name here), suffering since many years because of kidney-transplant. Request was to say that she should leave the earth as now the condition was worse and doctors have given up, as there is nothing, which can be done further. We refused to use the words and did group healing – using the above meditation.
As soon as we took her name, the vibrations changed. As if even the faeries were fed up, seeing the pain. We declared that “either she should get strength to bear the pain or the pain should go, let the divine will be done, because we all have complete faith in it”. We did the group meditation together at one place on Sunday, then for Monday and Tuesday, individually. Later on Friday we got to know, her sufferings ended and she left the world.
Thanks Reiki.

Thanks Angels.

Thanks Divine.

Beena Rohra
Beena Rohra is the owner of ShivMira Alternate Healing and Meditation Center Pune. She is a Reiki channel since 1998 and became master in 2007. Reiki has helped her face all ups and downs of life easily. Hence it’s easier for her to teach people about Reiki powers. Beena is Reiki Usui Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Ace-Reiki, Magnified Healing, Angel Therapy, Angel card reading, Dowsing, Spiritual Healing (Lord Shiva), Crystal healing, Mantra Therapy, Switchwords, EFT tapping expert. Her favourites are AcuReiki and Reiki-bottle meditation. She combines it with every art and great results are seen. Even in card reading- Reiki and Angles help get perfect guidance. By God’s grace, she is happy with her parents and daughter in Pune. Contact info: and on Facebook:

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