Energized  Crystals 

For product energy exchange (price in this case)

And courier options for India or Abroad 

Pls contact +918308686806

Above ones. Bracelet also available instead of mala

Only 7 chakra bracelet also available

ShivMira Training Center introduces
 *TwinFlame (YinYang) Balance pendent*
NATURAL stone found ONLY in ONE river-bed in INDIA . Famous for its wonderful qualities. Both male and female can wear it. Or you can keep in altar. This is a special stone BUT needs NO special staphna process. 
*Still Its Energized and then given by*

           *RB the Great*
_The qualities of the Pendent_






(Which may help relationship too

All male female balance in house

And especially husband-wife understanding )


*how healers use the YinYang pendent*
1).After every healing

Hold the pendent in hand. All neg if any from healing has come up. Gets balanced.

Usually we dnt need to clean it.

But there is a method to release neg n increase positive too.
2). Wearing it daily. Balances body mind chakra n aura.

When one senses something. Can just hold the pendent n use the clearing statement.
Happy healing.

RB the Great



And more pendants.

 Gomati pendant. 

Hematite and much more

Along with Candles etc too

Love n light

RB the Great
To Order pls whatsapp +918308686806




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