Spiritual  Significance of ShivRatri

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RB the Great

All know that ShivRatri is the Night when Lord Shiva Marched to get married to Goddess Parvati.

or the Night when Shiv drank the Poison and so got the Blue throat.

BUT why this day?

The night is the darkest.

the path was long 

so all those who took part in the wedding ceremony.  walked with Shiva to the place where parvati was. And as they were scared.  they chanted n sang Shiv name n mantra

HE showed them LIGHT.

The merger of 


The Bad- The Good

 (At time of removing the things from the ocean- from where both  the Poision n the divine nectar  came out ; all gods and the demons were working together)

Alignment  of all Chakra( the 7 body chakra- The 7 earth chakra- the 7 higher chakra)

all happens simultaneously 

All you have to do- to make best of this and bask in the divine light  is


  (if u dnt believe  in Shiva- u do chant  of any thing. Even ur own name- As he is in all)

2) Bathe in energy- do white light. Reiki. Pranic or other energy meditation.

3) FAST-

Fasting  doesnt mean give up food.

it means to SHUT the F off.

Shut ur mouth and  dont speak whats not needed.

Shut ur thought  (even for few min)

Shut ur hate

Shut your judgement 


4) Just BE.

Be happy

Be Jakkas

Be bold

Be awesome.


Be Bindas.

5) U may follow the Mahurat times.

But if you are true devotee of divine

whole day is Awesome for TRANSFORMATION and Manifestation.

If you are NOT a morning person.  Sleep late now. But take this as once a life time oppurtunity  AND use it for your self. DONT force anyone else. like ur family  or friends. U JUST take use  of the energies. 

You can GIVE  UP your BLOCKS 

You  can Get anything  Manifested

Do your manifestation  exercise or prayer.

with full faith n Zero doubt.

ASK & Its REALLY given.

My fav Music. Try it too. Dance to Glory


“Happy Transformation”

RB the Great




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Memory concentration and interest enhance. 

32 lines by The Mother
for memory. concentration.  etc

Chant 5 times.

in some days u memorize it.

so u can read or chant while  working. or driving.

or record in own voice

n play  for self n kids.

“1).Then suddenly there came on her the change 

2).Which in tremendous moments of our lives 

3).Can overtake sometimes the human soul 

4).And hold it up towards its luminous source. 

5).The veil is torn, the thinker is no more: 

6).Only the spirit sees and all is known. 

7).Then a calm Power seated above our brows 

8).Is seen, unshaken by our thoughts and deeds, 

9).Its stillness bears the voices of the world: 

10).Immobile, it moves Nature, looks on life. 

11).It shapes immutably its far-seen ends; 

12).Untouched and tranquil amid error and tears 

13).And measureless above our striving wills, 

14).Its gaze controls the turbulent whirl of things. 

15).To mate with the Glory it sees, the spirit grows: 

16).The voice of life is tuned to infinite sounds, 
17).The moments on great wings of lightning come 

18).And godlike thoughts surprise the mind of earth. 

19).Into the soul’s splendour and intensity 

20).A crescent of miraculous birth is tossed, 

21).Whose horn of mystery floats in a bright void. 

22).As into a heaven of strength and silence thought 

23).Is ravished, all this living mortal clay 

24).Is seized and in a swift and fiery flood 

25).Of touches shaped by a Harmonist unseen. 

26).A new sight comes, new voices in us form 

27).A body of the music of the Gods. 

28).Immortal yearnings without name leap down, 

29).Large quiverings of godhead seeking run 

30).And weave upon a puissant field of calm 

31).A high and lonely ecstasy of will. 

32).This in a moment’s depths was born in her”


-By Sri Aurobindo

Book IX – The Book of Eternal Night

pave 571 


we would usually 

memorize in 4 or 5 days

n sing while going  to school or college
or write behind each book. so just in case we skip a line. we see from there.
even just  before going to exam
we did the chant

-RB the Great

-Beena Rohra

​*ShivMira Healing Center*