Feb 2017 Courses 


ShivMira Training  Center’s

Online courses for *Feb 2017*
1 *Acu-Reiki @10th feb*

2 *9graha Healing @25th Feb*

3 *PowerSwitchwords Healing Cards From 25th Feb 2017*

4 *Basic DOWSING class 17th Feb 2017*

5 *Angel Farey meditation 19th Feb 2017*

6 *online CRYSTAl couse mystyle after 20th feb*

7 *Bach Flower Therapy from 25th Feb 2017*

1) *Acu-Reiki* 10th Feb 2017

  *a beautiful blend of accupressure and Reiki- Without actually knowing details of the points BUT great results*
_PreRequisites:- Minimum Reiki 2_

2) *9graha Healing* 25th Feb 2017

*Favourite of many ppl.Used by non healers too. Even after much healing if any particular  issue seems to hv no result- 9g has been reported to shoe the path*

To see the testimony pls click 
*from 1st Jan its at Rs.3001/- Coloured copy of the manual will be couriered across India at no extra cost*

3) *PowerSwitchwords Healing Cards*

From 25th Feb 2017

(10 days course)
*done by healers  as well as non healers. Helps in all walks of life*

4) *On Student’s demand LAUNCHING online  Basic DOWSING class*

17th Feb 2017
Bonus take away – One crystal  dowser. 

5) *Angel Farey meditation*

19th Feb 2017

Anyone can learn


6) *On Student’s Demand’ LAUNCHING online CRYSTAl couse mystyle*

More than 5days course.



Bonus  take away- set of 25 pieces crystals 

7) Yet another Favourite *Bach Flower Therapy*

from 25th Feb 2017

15 days course

Same energy exchange


*Special Rs.202/- Discount on the combination  of Basic Dowsing and Crystal*
To Join any of the above 

contact +918308686806
facebook page ShivMira


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