9Rakhi samples

Price list

1) 8 beads  and one charm 200/-
2) Extra charms to be added in above- 20 each bead.
3) only thread and one bead or Charm 50/-
4) One bead or charm and design thread 80/-
package and courier extra
(above in pic had 3 extra beads so its 260/-)
to order ping

if u r near by in pimpri or kalewadi (pune). then do drop in to buy


One charm and thread-@50/-

with design thread @80/-

Sample Base and Grids

​Shivmira presents 

Energized and FIXED grids.

Examples of grids with colour and a few crystals for particular purposes.

(July 2017- Prices subject to change  as per divine order in future)
You may choose the crystals available with us and the Base size and colour combinations 

(or leave on divine and just give your purpose- i will make as per guidance)

The grid is fixed
So one can keep on a table.

or hang on a wall too.

Its attuned or energized in name of person or firm or family.

Kindly mention details while placing an order.

Price is Base + Crystals + Package n courier extra.

Grid 1:- Blue crystals for good health. Throat chakra.  Divine blessings etc.

Base 1111+ crystals 360

Grid 2– BT grid. best for shield and helps in pain removal and heal. Also used for karma grid

Base 555+ crystal 510

Grid 3. BT style 2

Base 555+ Crystal 230

Grid 4. BT plus clear + white

Along with BT , divine guidance and protection and peace of mind.

Base 1111+970 crystal 

Grid 5 lapis pyramid

Base 1111+ crystal 1000

Grid 6 – eight chakra small 

Base 555 + 200 

Grid 7 -Eight chakra big

Base 1111+ 606

Grid 8 Infinite abundance and good health(big)

Base 1111 + 750

Grid 9 Infinite abundance and good health(small)

Base 555+ 750

You  can  choose base,beads, tumbles,  pencils, Increase or Decrease  (except the chakra set as it wont decrease ) so as per choice the price will vary.

Beena Rohra


Hand made and energized Rakhi (bracelet)  and Attuned (channeled method) Grids


*ShivMira Training Center*

(Alternative Healing and Meditaton – Officially learning since 1998 & Teaching since 2007)

(sample grid as example posted in pics. Also the 8chakra rakhi (bracelet)  and charms)

1)  handmade- 

8chakra with charms Energized Rakhi 

Only charms rakhi too available with simple string @50/-

and design string at 80/-
(Package n Courier extra- above total 1200/- courier free  )
List of charms ( will post the new ones meaning in comment asap-  u may google more meaning [Spiritual] )


#Tree of life


#Suriya (SUN)




#Turtle/ Tortoise 


2) FIXED and Attuned Grids for different purposes 

using different shape ,size,colour and number of crystals AND unique method of activation.
Only Energized base

 @555/- size approximately

3 by 3 inches 
or @1111/- size approximately 9 by 9 inches
others with crystals-based on cost of the crystals.
Made to order.

( for samples click http://wp.me/p58o7P-6C)
Pls contact 






#Abundance  #Protection  #Peace  #Rakhi  #Chakra  #Wealth #Health

We all know that 7 chakra energized  beads help in over all health.  
the 8th – i was guided to add for the aura protection 
out of around 50 charms 

i hv dowsed and chosen 10

for rakhi 

(anyone can wear it. girls & boys of any age. )
meaning of a few given in the pics.

(Below pics from Google)