No RESOLUTION on new year day.


 You read it Right

“NO RESOLUTION on new year’s day”
(PS:- This is a guided knowledge- kindly share as it is with all details exact if you wish to or the site link .)
Resolution:- Some task set by some ppl which they start from new year ie 1st Jan.
97%ppl who set a resolution for the 1st Jan, never do it.
only 3% ppl are the most awesome they can make and set and even follow the resolution
Just think. All school-college kids or even teachers too take around 3 to 5 days to adjust- for writing the year as 2018 instead of 2017.
So how can a person just follow a ritual or resolution that has never been done? in just one go?
31st Dec night is depressing for majority of people. Even tough they go to pubs for party. They wear a mask of a smile or fake happiness and send vibrations of neg energies to others in contact. And get angry on very minute stuff. Not because a new year will start.BUT the old will end. And that makes them recall all what they couldn’t do till this time- may be nit just in one year but since birth. To get over this feeling is difficult.Yet possible. 

    If you are one such person or live with one such person; and you make a resolution, it will be adding fule to the fire of the already pending tasks not done.
So just enjoy 4 days after new year. Relax. Do 7by 7 grid (

to remove blocks. Or do the Finger holds.(
On 5th day. When all seems more routine and normal.

Take a pen and a paper

Note what you wish to start
🍁example:- Get up at 6’o clock in the morning.🍁
🍁🍁Never make this resolution if you get up at 10am daily🍁🍁.


you may be able to get up for 2 or 3 days. later you will get sick. And again this will be dropped.
🍁🌳Make this resolution🌳🍁.
 “How can i get up 5 minutes early than 5 days ago?
just 5 min early.

do this daily.

no Saturday Sunday off

once you reach your 7 am target (6 will be too early as of now)

do it continues for 40 days. 

be it any weather.

keep related clothes ready 
you will automatically sleep early. if other members in house have different routine. You stick to yours without disturbing them.
use ear plug 

eye cover 

good music

and sleep well.
in 40 days it become your habit.

you can do whatever you want then

🍀go for walk





🍀write a book

🍀do cooking (without making noise)

never force anyone else to follow your routine.
In this way you can make and continue any habit as resolution.
(*Celebrate NEW start*
I even get request of suggestion or heal on a strange issues. 
  Many families have fight on 31st night. Some members want to go out to party. Some don’t. So there r clashes. As end time plan cancel has lots of more issues. Like cooking food. control of cranky kids. n normalized mood etc. I suggest that such families make n keep food ready early n store in fridge. If they go out. They can have the food next day by normal heating. Else if they won’t go. heat immediately BUT ENJOY to the fullest without getting affected by the year end depressed ppl.hold anger finger and worry finger for them and ENJOY by being very very happy in all situation ) 
Happy Transformation

Happy New Year




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