Strong Discussion

​A strong discussion happened with some after intro of the Flush Empowerment courses. (As all know at times I hv to be more direct and blunt. Here some strong examples are used)
Person:-Flush is a neg word. Why use it?
Beena:- Actually flush is not neg. Example if one doesn’t flush the loo. It’s gross. But once flushed it’s actually clean. It’s a two way process. Dumb the shit out and fill the commode with clean water.
Person :- So it’s your choice to use it. one can use some other word too.
Beena:- No it’s not my choice. as declared earlier ; like Usui reiki or Karuna Reiki these flush empowerment are crested by a few healers .There are many more reiki or other healing modality. Anyone can learn but to teach one need to be an experienced reiki teacher or other teacher where attunment is taught. So the name is given by the ppl NOT me.
Person:- You said to with the course all neg gets flush off. But I read in a famous healing book- One should embrace the wrong or not needed to heal. 
Beena:- (in my mind I said Dude it’s half knowledge)

Ok let’s first leave the new modality side. 

let’s take your sentence.

(as it’s yet not knowledge-forget it turning to wisdom)
embrace or accept what not needed.


let’s say the unwanted non digested stuff by ur body (still part of u) let’s accept it. So dnt let it go.Do mool bhand (all parts around Root Chakra closed tight with pressure) . Hold on to that (shit)

don’t let it do. 

now max what will happen. 

in some time ur stomach starts to release gases. These rise up to all parts.To heart and brain too and whole body starts getting some uneasiness and this leads to short or long term disease.
it’s best to just let go

and FLUSH off.
similar goes with the higher bodies -the mind -emotions- chakra-meridian etc.
Person:- So I should learn all these 
Beena:- NO. Learn only if your gut says. And only if you value and respect it. And only if you will actually practice it.
Person:- I checked some fees of these course. Your fees is less. And offers too. Good way to lure people.
Beena:- I don’t ask anyone to learn. some of my students wish to learn from me. So I dowse and decide the fees.

And with due respect. I take students to teach not just sell a course like you go and buy some item from a mall. or online window shopping.

It’s divine destination of a student n teacher pair. 
I am always proud of my students

and am honoured to have the most great teachers in the world.
(PS:- Just in case anyone got hurt by the harsh words as example. Hoponopo)
Happy Transformation

Happy Flush


-Beena Rohra



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