Rituals for full moon especially eclipse 31st Jan 2018

โ€‹Rituals for 31st Jan 2018

On eclipse I prefer to do only the release rituals
*DO NOT* put the crystals to charge 

(We usually keep them for charging under full moon but I prefer not to do in the eclipse)
U can keep it next day 
*7 by 7 Karma burst and Black Turmolin ritual*



Do only the black candle release ritual.

White is lit for safety

U may Keep rock salt in a bowl to cleanse from morning itself.

(Change or remove it in 24 hrs or release it under tap water after eclipses)
*Smoke cleansing*

Use dhoop or incense sticks (agarbatti) or havan samagri n camphor (kaphoor) to cleanse the energies

(If u wish to. After the eclipse)

Always practical

If u don’t have any of the stuff handy.

Don’t worry.

Just use reiki or imagination

And clean all neg especially from ur mind

Have a happy life and transformation
-Beena Rohra




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