ShivRatri special. 13th Feb 2018 

(Pls share ,as it is if u wish to)

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ShivRatri is a very very special day.

24 hrs the energies are awesome.

One need to be receptive to tap in to the cosmic abundance.

Not just wealth but high aspirations and clairvoyant energies too can be enhanced in just one day.

With full faith and dedication

You can do Manas pooja at ur home

In english
Or go to Temple.

(Most preference time by many ppl is night between 2am to 6am)

Chant Maha mrityunjay or MritSanjeevini mantra. 108 or more times.

These mantra can be done by any religion people as the vibration are such. But if one feels it’s not part of their religion. Still one can do any chant on this day or even healing and meditation.

Pray for good health of self and family. 

Do gratitude.

Do abhishek of the shiv lingam or rudraksh you own (esp the one mukhi)

Have simple food. Esp green colour as green is symbol of abundance and fav of lord shiva 

Forgive and bless all.(even self)

Energize your crystals too.

You may play the manas pooja video or the audio by ShivaNanda baba ji

Also my fav chants

Happy Transformation

Lord bless all

-Beena Rohra




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