Happy Akashya Tritya – Akahand Teej

​Happy Akashya Tritya 
 Significance of this day given in pic from google


( 👇🏻  *below write up is with divine guidance*

—if willing to share 

*pls do so along with name n other details*)
“As this day is very special
Manifestation is strong 

Focus only on good and on what u want exactly.
Chant Kuber , Laxmi and Saraswati Mantra 108 times 
best with Kuber Mudra for Kuber and Laxmi

and Gyan Mudra for Saraswati Mantra. with both hands . *or on jaap mala*
*Abundance pic with mantras is again mixed with divine guidance- you can take a coloured print as it is and laminate it*  ”


-Beena Rohra