Some Reasons and F. A. Q for ancestral Heal. 

​Some Reasons we do ancestral heal

Since generations energies have changed, earlier there was no need of a stamp paper or any legal issue to give proof that “what we said will be abide”

The words had power

Remember pinki promise?
They actually had to give off the pinki if the promise was not kept.
Imagine such a generation taking an oath on behalf of all coming generations!
All the generations next would 
—be serving the country and atleast one kid would join army.
—work as farmers. 
—Would be working for the king. 
—will forever live in this city (or place). 
—will marry only in particular place. 
Were there doctors, engineers, actors, dancers, chef, etc in that era?
Will the energies of those promises and curses let people do what they want to?
Well if your will power is awesome and you meditate and do self heal and believe in self.
To help aid the above. One can do the ancestral heal with whatever methods they feel fine 😊
To join our sessions @1111/-, 3days – 3 paternal ancestral generations. 3 maternal ancestral generations. 
 if guided to-

WhatsApp before 7th Oct 2018 

F. A. Q of the sessions

Q1) Do we chose the names? 

A) No. You just give me ur name and parents name. Rest is divine choice. 
Q2) If you talk of 3 generations then how many people or souls included? 

A) Different count for different people. 

Will give example of generation count. 
Example. My dad

His all brothers, sisters, cousins, very very close friends who have good  lot influence on the family life ARE one generation. 

Dad’s father, mother, their brothers and sisters SUM up to one generation 
So long…. 

Q3) I don’t know which of my ancestors is no more. I mean I don’t know the count of my uncles and aunts as we are nuclear family and not in touch with the extended family. And I can’t ask my parents to give details. 

A) As informed earlier. It’s divine choice and we dont need details. 

Q4) As per what I have read from your previous posts. This is high power heal and you may get some cleansing effect too. Is the fees enough to balance the karma? 

A) No. Just fees is not enough. 

Q5) So what is your gain ? 

A) I work as per divine order. I will get experience, which will help me in my ascension and divine purpose. May be its destined that I help some souls. 

Blessed be


We take the name of Father and mother to just use in our heal. Say son or daughter of xyz and abc

If person not willing to share name of parents  for any reason – we manage with person name only as per divine order. 



22nd Sept 2018 Card of the day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is
“Guidance is all about learning to communicate with your soul and discovering and manifesting your purpose.”
“Ganesha is worshipped and adored by the Trimurthis or the Trinity of Hinduism, which is made up of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. The story goes that during the period of dissolution, the water adn wind were demolished and the Earth evaporated. Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva wandered the Earth to determine what was causing this dissolution. The gods discovered a huge aura of light where Ganesha was enshrined. The Trimurthis immediately bowed to Ganesha in reverence and began to worship and praise him. They requested that Ganesha bless them. Ganesha entrusted the gods with three separate duties; Vishnu is the preserver, Shiva is the destroyer, and Brahma is the creator.
Guidance is based on communication. The soul can send you messages through symbols, synchronicity, hunches, sudden inspiration, dreams, and even direct channeling. Consciously connecting with your guides, heightening your psychic abilities, and fine-tuning your skills to be present and to pay attention are all important parts of learning to receive guidance. As you open up, your soul begins to communicate your inner purpose for this lifetime to you. When you learn to hear and recognize its promptings, your life starts to take on a magical quality.
Remember that you can ask Ganesha to support you in creating a raised awareness. Make a point to look at spirituality from new perspectives that may be unfamiliar to you. Be willing to talk to people whose experiences and beliefs are different from your own. You may need to move out of your comfort zone in order to do this. You will be all the richer for it. If you are concerned about getting true information about your personal life from a psychic or intuitive, you can prepare for it by asking from your heart to receive information that is for the highest good. Be sure your motivations are pure. You can ask the psychic to channel the words that your own soul wants you to hear to further your spiritual growth.
Rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge, rather than your intelligence or conscious mind. Watch for synchronicities and opportunities. Trust your instincts and pay attention as your messages can turn up from a variety of sources.
Be attentive to your dreams. You may want to keep a dream journal. Synchronicites are likely now. It is possible that a pleasant surprise will be coming your way soon in regard to your work. This could even be a new job opportunity. The gods, Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma may may represent the different male energy in your life. Engage in the energy of men in your life or in the energy of the Trimurthis to assist you with the task at hand.”
    – Angela Hartfield


My Interpretation. 
Most people run here and there to get guidance for their problems. From unknown sources. They don’t even know what problem is. What is actually bothering them. And since they don’t know, no one can help them, but to utilise the time of people. They are given vague solutions. Some of the solutions are too simple – to be believed; while others are too complicated to actually try out. 
The running never stops. 
I suggest people should learn techniques to connect to the higher self and get answers. Can be a simple technique of dowsing, to a  complicated one call channeling.
Try this out. 
Close your eyes. Focus on your third eye. Do 5 deep breath and declare 

Five times 
“Connect Connect Connect. 

To my higher self. 

Tell me all I need to know 

I am ready to hear and see” 
(you will be able to see signs – example double or triple or mirror  numbers 

111 is the very first number many ppl notice. 






On mobile screen. Vehicle numbers. Hording. Etc. 
Search the meaning of it and u will know 
Google angel number (no. Value)) 
(This chant combination is channelled by Us. Kindly sent it with our name if you plan to forward)

Blessed Be

Happy Transformation 



Powerful healing sessions and Rituals for October and November 

ShivMira Training Center presents

*3 days Ancestral heal session*
8th-9th-10th OCT 2018
3 generations from mother’s side

3 generations from father’s side
i will be using Crystal grids and other various modalities.
those who take part will be given some ritual or chant to add up the heal process.
*benefit* – each has special benefit. there are some family bondage or blocks related to health wealth peace prosperity etc.

much of these from the person’s life start to vanish and positive increases.
*SuperEffect*- A few participants may hv fever or some mild cleansing effects .

*Energy Exchange – @1111/-* 

to register 


Contact +918308686806 
🔮 *Ancestral heal is done by all religion and culture people; all over the world, in different names*

🔮 *Ancestors are the ones who have left the earth (soul leaving body)*

🔮 *So why do we heal?*

🔮 *What is our benefit?*

🔮 *What ever they did, was their lookout, So why do we bother?*
All this and much more will be answered in these days-as extra knowledge

More F. A. Q on this heal.

Guided by divine to take it. I prefer people learn and do on own. As lots of high power karmic heal involved.

Energy exchange 5555/- for three days

Dates will be declared in first week of Oct 2018Guided by divine to take it. I prefer people learn and do on own. As lots of high power karmic heal involved.

Energy exchange 5555/- for three days

Dates will be declared in first week of Oct 2018

(You can learn the course in 3003/- with manual couriered all over India. Abroad-Notes sent on Whatsapp) 

5th 6th 7th Nov 2018

Energy exchange 5005/- including the 3days heal and the courier charges (only in India)

Register before October end. 



21st Sept 2018 Card of the day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is
“Enjoy the nourishment that life can give you.” 
     You are in a time of abundance where there is more than enough to support and nourish your desires.

     Ganesha encourages you to appreciate all the blessings, treats, gifts, friendships and love surrounding you now. Nourishing your soul can mean finding interesting, exciting stimulating ways to experience life. This is a time to learn, grow and change.

     It  can also mean that refusing to create, experience, and grow can be detrimental to you. Only you can truly know what your soul desires. It is essential to find ways to understand, and do something about, your needs. This means listening to your inner dreams, hopes and wishes. On occasion, it may mean acting in ways contrary to what others expect, or hope from you

    – Angela Hartfield


My Interpretation. 
Everyone in the world is busy earning more. More friends more money more relationship more happiness everything more.

Have you actually counted what you already have? 

Are you enjoying it. 

Happy with it. 

Do you really know how many people love you. 

On whom you actually love. 

How many people are using you. 

If any of is not known to you. 

 Then today’s chant is for you. 
Chanting this for 21 times – feeling all the words
“I am ready to see all what I own. 

I am ready to absorb and digest all that is best for me. 

I am receptive

Satyaa yes be” 
(This chant combination is channelled by Us. Kindly sent it with our name if you plan to forward- this is a very powerful chant. If done with full faith many ppl can notice their senses getting better in some days) 
Blessed Be 

Happy Transformation



20th Sept 2018 Card of the day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is
” Relaxation is important for your health, mood, relationships and overall wellbeing.” 
    It is easy to become entangled in anxiety, worry, stress and paralyzed thinking. Your day-to-day life may be filled with multitude of stresses that affected thoughts and cause you to feel disconnected with truth of your being.

     Dedicating time to relaxation provides a solid foundation to assist you to be able to live in a more balanced  less stressful life. The importance of respite can help to alleviate tension and other health concerns. Indulge in a ‘spiritual bath’, adding essential oils and sea salt to the water, lightning candles, burning some incense, and, if possible utilising clear quartz and Rose Quartz crystals to intensify the healing nature of the experience.Use this time to get centred and balanced. Practicing deep breathing techniques can also bring about calm and peace a deep. Remember to take a deep breath before you act impulsively on your thoughts as this will begin bring fresh oxygen to your body and relieve anxiety. 
Affirmation are another great tool to help you relax and grow in body, mind and spirit. As you repeat positive, life-affirming  statements about yourself, you’ll notice powerful manifestations of affirmations in your life. Ask Ganesha for guidance on your spiritual course towards expansion and illumination, and trust that you can now relax and enjoy the journey.
    – Angela Hartfield


My Interpretation. 
 Relaxation is like sharpening your axe. 

Bottle meditation can help in this awesomely. Do give it a try. 

The link to it is followed after the chant
Chanting this for 21 times slow n deep. 
Relax Relax Relax

It is ok to take a break

Shanti Shanti Shanti” 
(This chant combination is channelled by Us. Kindly sent it with our name if you plan to forward) 

*Bottle Meditation*
The very dear meditation to us.

Try it

Spread it
Read in English

Hear in hindi

Blessed Be 

Happy Transformation



19th Sept 2018 Card of the day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is
“The simplest gestures of love and respect can prevail over even the toughest of hearts”
In this card, the lightness of the aura around Ganesha portrays innocence. By being soft and still, you give the Universe the opportunity to assist you in creating your desires. Be willing to release any cynicism. Have you noticed yourself becoming increasingly critical over time? As you gather more experience, sometimes the familiarity of a situation can cause you to lose touch with your innocence. It is only natural to expect similar outcomes as you have had in the past when similar situations present themselves in your life. Don’t forget though, that change and transformation are always possible. 

You are being offered an opportunity to approach this situation with renewed peace. If you are making changes to your job situation, relationships or even the direction of your life path, approach this with a sense of exploration and excited curiosity of a child. Be willing to let go of the preconceived ideas that have developed over time in your mind. Allow your heart to be centred and in place of peace. 

Every day call on Ganesha for guidance to renew your mind and refresh your thinking. With Ganesha’s assistance, contemplate each situation you encounter. Ask Ganesha support you. Remember to pray for freedom from fears, worries and  unhealthy obsessions that might control your thoughts and harm your soul. 

Be accountable for  your decisions and their results. Just knowing that you are responsible will assist you to take decisions seriously and with greater consideration. 

       – Angela Hartfield


My Interpretation. 
Innocence is bliss indeed.

The world now is too practical.

And there is more technical stuff in everything.

Not just gadgets- even love has become technical. 

So really the innocence is lost
Get it back by

Chanting this for 108 times
There is great power in child like innocence. I am ready to accept the inner child in me” 
(This chant combination is channelled by Us. Kindly sent it with our name if you plan to forward) 
Blessed Be 

Happy Transformation



18th Sept 2018 Card of the day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is



(Description same as
” Learn to find security from within.” 
In this card, Ganesha uses the mouse as his vehicle, which signifies his triymph  over ego. In Hindu mythology, the mouse symbolizes the ego, for the ego can eat away at all that is good and decent in a person. 

         Belonging seeks to solve the predicament of ego’s own  preceived separation. Since the ego has no conscious memory of its connection to others and to Source, you experience a ‘need’ to get out of seclusion by bonding with people around you. These people can be your family PR groups or your community

      The ego is neither good nor bad, but simply a necessary part of you in this existence. The ego can manifest inclinations that are either more positive or more negative in nature.There are many positive aspects to belonging: you develop the ability to love, connect, bond, share and care for others. You see yourself more clearly through the mirror of relationship. It is important in belonging that you not try  to seek approval through others. 

     Through this card, Ganesha is here to help you focus on the positive feelings from being a part of a community. Learn to trust, ask for help and to rely on others

  – Angela Hartfield

My Interpretation. 
We as human beings we only the things that surround us belongs to us.

Whereas the whole universe belongs to us. 
The feelings which we go through are already there inside us. We feel that we get the feelings from others, which is wrong. The feelings belong to us. 
Accept this belongings. 

Accept that you need help. 

Accept that others may be better than you. Invest in self transformation. 
Chant this for 11 times

“I am ready to accept. All the help needed by me is on its way. I m ready to welcome it” 
(This chant combination is channelled by Us. Kindly sent it with our name if you plan to forward) 
Blessed Be 

Happy Transformation