The Moon and Lord Ganesh

It is said that one should not look at the moon on Ganesh staphna or chaturti day
Some ppl trick others to see and say u will hv bad luck now
Its not that
Its just done to give MORE respect to Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesh had a fight with Moon and had told that Moon will. Never be seen.

He asked for forgiveness.

Lord said the words can’t be taken back fully

But I can end it in a different way

So from now you will shine bright and it  goes on becoming small until kind of merged with the darkness and then again the light would start until fully bright. This cycle would go on. But dnt talk to me again. (Lord Ganesh as a very young child got upset with Moon) 
Many ppl argue that its just a story. You can check the history of earth n universe. Moon used to be very close to the earth and shine was for ever full.

So now why actually we dnt see the moon in this day?
You are calling Lord Ganesh home as a guest. Like you call Angels and make an Alter and offer sweets as food.
Ganesh is a best buddy. And if one buddy is upset with other. We do ask that other  buddy that please dont come when he has just arrived.
(And if by mistake u see the moon. Dnt be scared. Just offer some more sweet to Lord and be friends with him again πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ)
(As asked by Divine in Meditation) 

-Beena Rohra


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