14th Sept 2018 Guidance of the day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is

This is a beautiful purple colour card which says “Connect to your true source to manifest your desire”. 
It’s associated with the Crown Chakra, asks connect to your higher self using various ways like the modality such as reiki or simple meditation. 

  Everyone has psychic ability and a connection to the divine any blocked here if blocked in all walks of life hence we should remove the block and reach our goals. 

Release all limiting programs and emotional patterns, faster-the more easier. 
My interpretationof the card is

Enlightment doesn’t mean giving up all responsibilities and going away to the Jungle. 

But it means to get enough knowledge needed to live your life responsibly. 

 This can be achieved by controlling your mind. And with control it doesn’t mean that you force your mind to think only positive but it means that you are centred and not bothered by any positive or negative. 

You are in complete bliss all situations all CIRCUMSTANCES. 
Yes one particular task single task repeated daily helps in achieving this. 
Blessed Be 

Happy Transformation


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