22nd Sept 2018 Card of the day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is
“Guidance is all about learning to communicate with your soul and discovering and manifesting your purpose.”
“Ganesha is worshipped and adored by the Trimurthis or the Trinity of Hinduism, which is made up of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. The story goes that during the period of dissolution, the water adn wind were demolished and the Earth evaporated. Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva wandered the Earth to determine what was causing this dissolution. The gods discovered a huge aura of light where Ganesha was enshrined. The Trimurthis immediately bowed to Ganesha in reverence and began to worship and praise him. They requested that Ganesha bless them. Ganesha entrusted the gods with three separate duties; Vishnu is the preserver, Shiva is the destroyer, and Brahma is the creator.
Guidance is based on communication. The soul can send you messages through symbols, synchronicity, hunches, sudden inspiration, dreams, and even direct channeling. Consciously connecting with your guides, heightening your psychic abilities, and fine-tuning your skills to be present and to pay attention are all important parts of learning to receive guidance. As you open up, your soul begins to communicate your inner purpose for this lifetime to you. When you learn to hear and recognize its promptings, your life starts to take on a magical quality.
Remember that you can ask Ganesha to support you in creating a raised awareness. Make a point to look at spirituality from new perspectives that may be unfamiliar to you. Be willing to talk to people whose experiences and beliefs are different from your own. You may need to move out of your comfort zone in order to do this. You will be all the richer for it. If you are concerned about getting true information about your personal life from a psychic or intuitive, you can prepare for it by asking from your heart to receive information that is for the highest good. Be sure your motivations are pure. You can ask the psychic to channel the words that your own soul wants you to hear to further your spiritual growth.
Rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge, rather than your intelligence or conscious mind. Watch for synchronicities and opportunities. Trust your instincts and pay attention as your messages can turn up from a variety of sources.
Be attentive to your dreams. You may want to keep a dream journal. Synchronicites are likely now. It is possible that a pleasant surprise will be coming your way soon in regard to your work. This could even be a new job opportunity. The gods, Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma may may represent the different male energy in your life. Engage in the energy of men in your life or in the energy of the Trimurthis to assist you with the task at hand.”
    – Angela Hartfield


My Interpretation. 
Most people run here and there to get guidance for their problems. From unknown sources. They don’t even know what problem is. What is actually bothering them. And since they don’t know, no one can help them, but to utilise the time of people. They are given vague solutions. Some of the solutions are too simple – to be believed; while others are too complicated to actually try out. 
The running never stops. 
I suggest people should learn techniques to connect to the higher self and get answers. Can be a simple technique of dowsing, to a  complicated one call channeling.
Try this out. 
Close your eyes. Focus on your third eye. Do 5 deep breath and declare 

Five times 
“Connect Connect Connect. 

To my higher self. 

Tell me all I need to know 

I am ready to hear and see” 
(you will be able to see signs – example double or triple or mirror  numbers 

111 is the very first number many ppl notice. 






On mobile screen. Vehicle numbers. Hording. Etc. 
Search the meaning of it and u will know 
Google angel number (no. Value)) 
(This chant combination is channelled by Us. Kindly sent it with our name if you plan to forward)

Blessed Be

Happy Transformation 



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