Some Reasons and F. A. Q for ancestral Heal. 

​Some Reasons we do ancestral heal

Since generations energies have changed, earlier there was no need of a stamp paper or any legal issue to give proof that “what we said will be abide”

The words had power

Remember pinki promise?
They actually had to give off the pinki if the promise was not kept.
Imagine such a generation taking an oath on behalf of all coming generations!
All the generations next would 
—be serving the country and atleast one kid would join army.
—work as farmers. 
—Would be working for the king. 
—will forever live in this city (or place). 
—will marry only in particular place. 
Were there doctors, engineers, actors, dancers, chef, etc in that era?
Will the energies of those promises and curses let people do what they want to?
Well if your will power is awesome and you meditate and do self heal and believe in self.
To help aid the above. One can do the ancestral heal with whatever methods they feel fine 😊
To join our sessions @1111/-, 3days – 3 paternal ancestral generations. 3 maternal ancestral generations. 
 if guided to-

WhatsApp before 7th Oct 2018 

F. A. Q of the sessions

Q1) Do we chose the names? 

A) No. You just give me ur name and parents name. Rest is divine choice. 
Q2) If you talk of 3 generations then how many people or souls included? 

A) Different count for different people. 

Will give example of generation count. 
Example. My dad

His all brothers, sisters, cousins, very very close friends who have good  lot influence on the family life ARE one generation. 

Dad’s father, mother, their brothers and sisters SUM up to one generation 
So long…. 

Q3) I don’t know which of my ancestors is no more. I mean I don’t know the count of my uncles and aunts as we are nuclear family and not in touch with the extended family. And I can’t ask my parents to give details. 

A) As informed earlier. It’s divine choice and we dont need details. 

Q4) As per what I have read from your previous posts. This is high power heal and you may get some cleansing effect too. Is the fees enough to balance the karma? 

A) No. Just fees is not enough. 

Q5) So what is your gain ? 

A) I work as per divine order. I will get experience, which will help me in my ascension and divine purpose. May be its destined that I help some souls. 

Blessed be


We take the name of Father and mother to just use in our heal. Say son or daughter of xyz and abc

If person not willing to share name of parents  for any reason – we manage with person name only as per divine order. 



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