Flush and other combo workshops this Nov 

ShivMira presents


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(pls read all information) 
The Flush Empowerment courses

(detail of this in pic)
1) *HFE Happiness Flush Empowerment*

helps flush out all neg emotional blocks of sadness and inputs happiness in all situation


2) *ECFE etheric cord flush empowerment*

removes all the unwanted cords attached from etheric body.

fills the void with positive energies.

3) *CFE Chakra*

Removes all neg energies from the chakra and inputs positive energy

4) *AFE aura*

it’s for ur Aura

5) *SCE subconscious*

usually we all know subconscious is always filled with only positive

but at times we r in trance and then what ever negative goes around us. gets seeded or stuck 

and unnecessary we may feel sudden fear or grief etc.

so this attunment helps clear the neg stuck n adds up positive.



6) *MFE meredian*

10 levels. two in each so total 5 done in gap of minimum 7 days gap.

this remove the neg or stuck energies from the meredian points (u can say it’s mini chakra between major chakra )

n add up positive 

777/- each level done in line. *all together in the 5 week* course then 444/- each. 

 so total 4440/- instead of long gap at 7770/- 



*Any Three courses from 1 to 5*

*together at once at 444/- each.*


-Beena Rohra




ShivMira Training Centre 

✔️Reiki 1&2 

20th Nov 2018

Details in pic. 

✔️ *our patented course*

3 minute magic with pool of light 

level 1 @ 4004/- 

level 2 @ 5005/- 
*level 1 and 2 together* 





(9 days course)
*21st Nov 2018*
Details and feed back of the course 



Condition is that you can’t share with anyone

Nor teach anyone else

Its for your own use
To join

 WhatsApp +919112778766


(pls read all above) 


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