Sarvam by ShivMira

Dear Patron,

It feels immense pleasure to present before you our new product line “SARVAM” which includes some of the finest products specially crafted and energised using Divine Modalities to bring new light and energy in your life.

The first series of products in Sarvam range is 


Handmade soaps made using natural ingredients, essential oils and charged with the power of Bach essence. It’s energised with various modalities for skin care, AURA refresh and Chakra refresh. 

These soaps are for all skin types and can also be used for children.

1) AQUA- Fresh & Glow.
Used for both face and body.

2) AWESOME- Acne & Cooling.
Used for both face and body.

3) REFRESHING – Rose & Honey
Used for both face and body.

4) SUN BUDDY- Anti Tan
Used mostly for body.

We have a special launch offer and very special pricing going on till 28th Feb 2019 . To get more details and place your order, send us WhatsApp message at  +919112778766
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