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New year
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*Colour Candles* 

1)one set of 7 chakra *60/-* 
2)one set of single Gold and single Silver 

3)1 set of single Black and single White 

4)1 set of Ten green candles for abundance ritual 

(package n courier extra)

Burn time is 

30 minutes to one hour
Depending on energies around.

(Bonus with purchase- u get a ritual of healing with candles using same set for a family of four

Happy Transformation
Beena Rohra

(Bulk order of 50 pieces also taken. )

Lava Bracelet @444/- including courier

Till stock lasts. 

Many other mala n bracelet also available

Mala @1555/-

Bracelet @555/- shipping extra for these. 


Jan list.

ShivMira presents
The Flush Empowerment courses

(detail of this in pic) (starts 20th jan. Exact date after registration)
1) *HFE Happiness Flush Empowerment*

helps flush out all neg emotional blocks of sadness and inputs happiness in all situation


Complimentary with you getting attunment – one of your kid or nephew or niece under 10 age  will also be attuned.
2) *ECFE etheric cord flush empowerment*

removes all the unwanted cords attached from etheric body.

fills the void with positive energies.

3) *CFE Chakra*

Removes all neg energies from the chakra and inputs positive energy

4) *AFE aura*

it’s for ur Aura

5) *SCE subconscious*

usually we all know subconscious is always filled with only positive

but at times we r in trance and then what ever negative goes around us. gets seeded or stuck 

and unnecessary we may feel sudden fear or grief etc.

so this attunment helps clear the neg stuck n adds up positive.

6) *MFE meredian*

10 levels. two in each so total 5 done in gap of minimum 7 days gap.

this remove the neg or stuck energies from the meredian points (u can say it’s mini chakra between major chakra )

n add up positive 

777/- each level done in line. *all together in the 5 week* course then 444/- each. 

 so total 4440/- instead of long gap at 7770/- 


Any four courses from 1 to 5 

together at once at 555/- each.
if u have learnt HFE and doing next any flush still the one kid complimentary attunment valid. 

-Beena Rohra



No RESOLUTION on new year day.


 You read it Right

“NO RESOLUTION on new year’s day”
(PS:- This is a guided knowledge- kindly share as it is with all details exact if you wish to or the site link .)
Resolution:- Some task set by some ppl which they start from new year ie 1st Jan.
97%ppl who set a resolution for the 1st Jan, never do it.
only 3% ppl are the most awesome they can make and set and even follow the resolution
Just think. All school-college kids or even teachers too take around 3 to 5 days to adjust- for writing the year as 2018 instead of 2017.
So how can a person just follow a ritual or resolution that has never been done? in just one go?
31st Dec night is depressing for majority of people. Even tough they go to pubs for party. They wear a mask of a smile or fake happiness and send vibrations of neg energies to others in contact. And get angry on very minute stuff. Not because a new year will start.BUT the old will end. And that makes them recall all what they couldn’t do till this time- may be nit just in one year but since birth. To get over this feeling is difficult.Yet possible. 

    If you are one such person or live with one such person; and you make a resolution, it will be adding fule to the fire of the already pending tasks not done.
So just enjoy 4 days after new year. Relax. Do 7by 7 grid (

to remove blocks. Or do the Finger holds.(
On 5th day. When all seems more routine and normal.

Take a pen and a paper

Note what you wish to start
🍁example:- Get up at 6’o clock in the morning.🍁
🍁🍁Never make this resolution if you get up at 10am daily🍁🍁.


you may be able to get up for 2 or 3 days. later you will get sick. And again this will be dropped.
🍁🌳Make this resolution🌳🍁.
 “How can i get up 5 minutes early than 5 days ago?
just 5 min early.

do this daily.

no Saturday Sunday off

once you reach your 7 am target (6 will be too early as of now)

do it continues for 40 days. 

be it any weather.

keep related clothes ready 
you will automatically sleep early. if other members in house have different routine. You stick to yours without disturbing them.
use ear plug 

eye cover 

good music

and sleep well.
in 40 days it become your habit.

you can do whatever you want then

🍀go for walk





🍀write a book

🍀do cooking (without making noise)

never force anyone else to follow your routine.
In this way you can make and continue any habit as resolution.
(*Celebrate NEW start*
I even get request of suggestion or heal on a strange issues. 
  Many families have fight on 31st night. Some members want to go out to party. Some don’t. So there r clashes. As end time plan cancel has lots of more issues. Like cooking food. control of cranky kids. n normalized mood etc. I suggest that such families make n keep food ready early n store in fridge. If they go out. They can have the food next day by normal heating. Else if they won’t go. heat immediately BUT ENJOY to the fullest without getting affected by the year end depressed ppl.hold anger finger and worry finger for them and ENJOY by being very very happy in all situation ) 
Happy Transformation

Happy New Year



VFD (Violet Flame Decree) shield and Decree feedback

ShivMira and CrisReiki presents 

VFD workshop

(Feedback in pics below)

Duration 30 days

Starts 15th dec

Fees 333 (register before 12th dec)

Later 555/-

Apart from previous batch knowledge share. New too added.

Anyone can do it.

Benifit for healers– helps in grounding and shielding. Enhance self power. More wow sessions of heal . Meditation increase. Clairvoyant upgrade.  And much more with daily practice. 

To join whatsapp 


Lava Bracelet (year end offer)

​ShivMira Training Center presents
🍀Lava bracelte (Attuned and Energized)🍀
Details in pic.
Till dec 30-2017 at a discounted price of 444/- including courier (only in India)
(Usual Price is 555/- Excluding year end i got the beads in an offer so can reduce the price for now)
Plus point-It looks wow with all dresses too
To order 

Contact +918308686806


Beena Rohra

Happy Childrens Day. InnerChildConnection Free tips. 

​#InnerChild  #MeetYourInnerChild  #ConnectInnerChild






#Free  (do see the youtube links shared in end. they are wow. i just loved them)

Myself Beena From ShivMira Training Center  
Many of you know what inner child is.

Most people do therapies worth lakh of rupees to get healed or just connect to the inner child.
Lots of theories and philosophy is written on this matter.
Many dont even get solution after years of therapies or spending so much money.

(Feel that all the investment was needed and necessary as per some past life karma. And give blessings)
So here i give my short definition of what InnerChild means.
Now you are more than 20 years 

You live in full discipline.

Full rules

(which you keep breaking – Just for enjoyment) 
The rules broken now are mostly
(family rules- Office rules- Society Rules made to unite all and keep most equal in terms of time-work-respect etc.)  


1) Out of frustration.

2) Out of lack of love.

3) Out of feel of extra burden.

4) Out of jealousy.

5) Out of peer pressure.

6) Out of shame.
🔮🔮Example 1)its a fashion for having monthly or weekly *friends with family (only nuclear) meet at dinners.

*Office colleagues and  or family meet.

Even if your extended family dont allow. Still rules are broken and this is attended.

NOT for enjoyment.

BUT to prove others that you take own decision. 

🍀Elders approval not needed.

🍀You have more than enough to spend out.

🍀Show off vehicles.

🍀Show off clothes.
man as well as wife buy stuff which will help show off or make then feel part of the group. Its ok that you dnt like those BUT its bought.

There is more of gossip and pulling leg. Comments on dress or business or job or parenting ways.
🔮🔮Example 2) Birthday parties.(self or kid)
Minimum 3 to 4 parties must.

Society. Family. Class. Office.
Again here too just show off.

Even if the kid dnt like the crowd. They need to attend for your reputation.
Even if the family member is sick. they have to arrange the best.
Money may or may not be important.

If one is less in status than others. There is always loan.

But its must to fit in.
Later the person has a fake smile and zero peace.  
🍀💜I or anyone else has NO issues with this.💜🍀
BUT think bout this. Out of 10 close friends one cannot afford. The males still force as its for a change. And  when times may change . He can repay.
🔮🔮Example 3)Picnic for our kids (even school)

Higher the fees-better would be the standard.

Education or learning or enjoyment? Let it be zero. But its a proud feel to tell that My kid goes to xyz school with 6 figure fees per year. Its ok that learning is less. as (what ever lame reason)
Now where does the INNER child comes in picture?
💜💜just think.💜💜
When you were a kid

All the grp of friends were kids
🍀💜We had the monthly or weekly meets at ONE of the houses.

Fine as per size. only few houses were chosen. BUT the food n all was shared. Each bought food from home.(pre-decided who will get what) And that very friend which we knew cannot get anything. We all (closest friends)  saved our pocket money and gave it to that friend and asked to get party plates & cold drinks.

Even if we has same dishes always. No one complained. there was more connection more enjoyment. 
🍀💜The birthday parties used to be at home.

No gifts Not even hoch poch food

BUT the very very thing of getting invited WAS the most proud feel. And to such a friend or class mate house who was not in good terms. Getting invited meant FULL FORGIVENESS and start of a beautiful friendship.
🍀💜We went for picnic.

Here too all Mom’s (be it house wife or wrking) Woke up early. Made wow and long lasting food. Also for friends.

There was abundant food with all. We all shared. and again that very friend who forgot to get the Tiffin -gets to eat without guilt or feeling  ashamed.
We did play mischief with friends BUT that never cost their pride or life.


CAN you do same what you did as kids? NOW?
All parties in one single formal or casual dress for both male n female?
All parties with just same hotel or same dishes made by u n family?

without judging anyone’s cooking?

Or dress

and just more connecting


IF NOT all But can u just be happy daily and have a peaceful sleep? Living with all your responsibilities with peace and pride and making whole family happy?

Leaving all guilt out?

Teaching ur kids to be happy always?


Then CONGRATS you reached your inner child.

The very source of full happiness.
That gets you more success.

more happiness.

more meaning to life

to whole family.
Some more tips i liked in an advt of a fruit drink.

these examples are wow.

pls see and you will know

HOW to start connecting to your inner child

How to be happy again.

Thank you

blessings and bliss