15th Sept 2018 Card of the Day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is
Green card representing the heart chakra 
My interpretation of the card is

Heal and open your heart chakra to feel the  divine love stored in it and emit it for self and others around. 
Love self (proudly and not egotistically) and automatically all around will be more bliss. The Wholeness will show up. That you are part of the whole universe. The whole universe is inside you. 
This you must have heard many times from many sources. It’s time to feel and live it NOW. 
Close ur eyes and keep ur hands on your heart chakra. Imagine it filled with green colour and spread all over other chakra and aura. 
Feel the bliss. 

Relax and open your eyes when done. 
Blessed Be 

Happy Transformation


14th Sept 2018 Guidance of the day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is

This is a beautiful purple colour card which says “Connect to your true source to manifest your desire”. 
It’s associated with the Crown Chakra, asks connect to your higher self using various ways like the modality such as reiki or simple meditation. 

  Everyone has psychic ability and a connection to the divine any blocked here if blocked in all walks of life hence we should remove the block and reach our goals. 

Release all limiting programs and emotional patterns, faster-the more easier. 
My interpretationof the card is

Enlightment doesn’t mean giving up all responsibilities and going away to the Jungle. 

But it means to get enough knowledge needed to live your life responsibly. 

 This can be achieved by controlling your mind. And with control it doesn’t mean that you force your mind to think only positive but it means that you are centred and not bothered by any positive or negative. 

You are in complete bliss all situations all CIRCUMSTANCES. 
Yes one particular task single task repeated daily helps in achieving this. 
Blessed Be 

Happy Transformation


13 Sept 2018 Card of the Day

Pranam Guys, 

Beena from ShivMira.
The guidance for today from whispers of Lord Ganesha card deck is
19-Spiritual Practice.
My interpretation of this card is.

Irrespective of your culture or religion, there should be at least one daily practice, 

which is to be done on same time and same place. For best spiritual growth.
It can be anything 

Mantra Chanting

Deep Breathing

Visiting an energetic place


And the most difficult one is being alert in whatever you are doing throughout the day.
This enhances your life gives you peace and a centered life. Helps to deal any situation.
These are  the very precious 5 minutes of yours.
Blessed Be 

Happy Transformation


The Moon and Lord Ganesh

It is said that one should not look at the moon on Ganesh staphna or chaturti day
Some ppl trick others to see and say u will hv bad luck now
Its not that
Its just done to give MORE respect to Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesh had a fight with Moon and had told that Moon will. Never be seen.

He asked for forgiveness.

Lord said the words can’t be taken back fully

But I can end it in a different way

So from now you will shine bright and it  goes on becoming small until kind of merged with the darkness and then again the light would start until fully bright. This cycle would go on. But dnt talk to me again. (Lord Ganesh as a very young child got upset with Moon) 
Many ppl argue that its just a story. You can check the history of earth n universe. Moon used to be very close to the earth and shine was for ever full.

So now why actually we dnt see the moon in this day?
You are calling Lord Ganesh home as a guest. Like you call Angels and make an Alter and offer sweets as food.
Ganesh is a best buddy. And if one buddy is upset with other. We do ask that other  buddy that please dont come when he has just arrived.
(And if by mistake u see the moon. Dnt be scared. Just offer some more sweet to Lord and be friends with him again ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ)
(As asked by Divine in Meditation) 

-Beena Rohra

Enigma of SHIELDING unveiled

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-Beena Rohra


Happy Akashya Tritya – Akahand Teej

โ€‹Happy Akashya Tritya 
 Significance of this day given in pic from google


( ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป  *below write up is with divine guidance*

—if willing to share 

*pls do so along with name n other details*)
“As this day is very special
Manifestation is strong 

Focus only on good and on what u want exactly.
Chant Kuber , Laxmi and Saraswati Mantra 108 times 
best with Kuber Mudra for Kuber and Laxmi

and Gyan Mudra for Saraswati Mantra. with both hands . *or on jaap mala*
*Abundance pic with mantras is again mixed with divine guidance- you can take a coloured print as it is and laminate it*  ”


-Beena Rohra